Thursday, June 3, 2010

To The Beach Reviews & Swatches

♥ Marine Life Highlight Powder- OMG! The hype about this product is outrageous! Let me tell you it is not just talk! This stuff is absolutely the most beautiful thing I've ever seen from MAC, both in the pan and on the cheeks. I have no idea why they call this highlight powder, because I don't think even the darkest woman of color could wear this as a highlight, it is blush. A beautiful coral/pink blush with a golden shimmer, at least for the first 3 times I applied it. The golden shimmer is an over-spray and is gone within the first few times you swirl your brush in it. This fact turned a lot of ladies off of this product at first. They were like, over spray...booo! Well, even after I found out that it was truly an over spray I still fancied Marine Life. Being the total blush whore that I am I could see the beauty of this long after the sparkle had faded. It did not let me down. All I can say is thank goodness I got a back up. My MAC store pre-sold all of their Marine Life powders before the release date, and that is saying a whole lot being that most of the LE products can be found here for some time after the release date. I don't think there are very many MAC addicts down here in south Louisiana. This is not the case with Marine Life, it's all gone, trust me I've called every MAC store in Louisiana there's none left. I guess it's best for me though. I think I was going a little crazy wanting a back up for my back up. lol. It's just that good. If you can't get your hands on Marine Life do not pay evilbay prices. I would apply a light dusting of Intenso, pile on some Hipness, and be happy, because you look fabulous! I learned my lesson about paying for hype with cash. I bought Parrot eyeshadow for $30 on evilbay, never again! Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥- off the charts!!

♥ Sweet & Punchy Eyeshadow- I skipped this one even-though it was originally on my list. I brought in my Tempting quad and compared it to Sharp. Way to close from me to get S&P. The only differences was that S&P was slightly more gold than Sharp and of course S&P is a veluxe pearl and Sharp is a satin. Now, if I didn't have Sharp or Rated R (exact dupe) this would be mine. I love golden toned greens. I had a chance to play around with it and it would be a great addition to anyone's collection. Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

♥ Humid Eyeshadow- I've had my Humid eyeshadow for quite sometime now. I bought it at the CCO several months back. It's a beautiful frosted, deep shade of true green. I use it mostly for the outer V or in the crease. Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

♥ Firecracker Eyeshadow- I've been on a kick for orangy/coral eyeshadows lately and this one was a must have for me. Firecracker is a beautiful coral/orangy/pinkish veluxe pearl shade. I can't wait to pair this one up with my Coral Crepe Paint Pot. Yummm. You'll love it if you're not afraid of a little color. Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

♥ Sun Rush Lustre Drops- Aww damn, this always happens to me. I get so excited about a product and when I finally get it I'm totally unimpressed. This is sadly the case in Sun Rush. I didn't even swatch this in the store I just knew I was going to love them, because already I have the Pink Rebel Lustre Drops from the Style Warriors collection and I absolutely love them. They give the most gorgeous J. Lo glow ever. I was really hoping that the Sun Rush would do the same but be a bit more of a bronzey glow. Wrong! I think that the Sun Rush ones are just so close to my natural skin tone that they just disappear into my skin. Seriously, it looks like nothing is there. $18.50 for a bottle of nothing. I don't think so. I'll be returning these. :( Maybe if you are fair say NC20 at the darkest, I think these would look nice and show up as a bronzey glow. For me personally this is not the case. Rating: ♥

♥ Opulash Mascara- Since I didn't end up getting the Sweet & Punchy eyeshadow I went ahead and picked up some of the Opulash Mascara. I am a total ZoomLash freek. I wear the zoomlash everyday with a little bit of Maybelline Lash Stiletto WP on  top just to make the zoomlash water resistant. I have PlushLash as well and I really like the formulation, but that dang brush drives me insane, why it is flat on one side. I don't get it??? What the heck is that for? I haven't opened my Opulash yet, but I have high hopes for it. I'll let you know what I think a bit later.

♥ Hipness Blush- Now, lots of girls are saying that the Fafi Hipness is sooo much better than the To The Beach Hipness. They say that the TTB Hipness is so chalky and la la la. Guess what, I think that they both are some what chalky. Yep, and I still love both of them. They both have good color payoff and blend well into the skin. Honestly, I think it maybe a good thing that they are slightly chalkier than some of the other blushes. The chalkiness makes it a little harder to really load this stuff up on your brush with just one swipe. With this vibrant shade that's a good thing, unless you like the "slap ya mama" look. So, in my opinion, To The Beach Hipness is a must have if you want a back up for your Fafi one or if you missed the Fafi's release. I was incredibly lucky and got mine at the CCO. :)
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

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