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My Final Review on Sigma Professional and Complete Brush Kits & A funny coincidence...or was it??? : D

I've had both of my brush sets for quite a long time now, I believe almost a year, and I feel the need to elaborate on my initial review of them. As we all know, the more you use a product the more opinions you have of it. With time the bad qualities show their ugly faces, and the good qualities become better. I would like to share the good, the bad, and the ugly with you. lol : D

I also wanted to share something I found extremely funny with you guys. In My Initial Review & Update I wrote a nice little "rant" note to Sigma for not selling their brushes individually. I let them know that their potential costumers, including myself, were taking there business else where in order to purchase their favorite Sigma brushes individually. I let them know how dumb of a business decision I thought this was, to allow other companies/people to make a profit off of Sigma's products simply by splitting up their sets and selling them at a more profitable price.

Well well, I think enough of us ranted about this situation, and Sigma was definitely listening and reading all of our complains on this matter. Mostly, I think that they realized what dumb asses they were being to allow their profits to go to other sellers simply because their company wasn't supplying their costumers with what they wanted. Now, Sigma offers both face and eye brushes that can be purchased individually! *sarcasm*  Great idea Sigma! lol!

Now for my updated review...I'm going to make this a painless as possible. Over the past several months of using my brushes, I have figured out that Sigma brushes are basically hit or miss. Some being fantastic, while others need to find their way to the nearest trash can, and others are un-necessary when you buy the sets, especially if you are just looking for essential brushes. So, that's how we're going to do this, I'm going to break them down in to categories for you and give you an updated review on each one.

Fantastic Sigma Brushes
F80 Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki (SS197)- The best flat top kabuki brush I have ever used to apply liquid foundation. It also works very nicely to apply a pressed powder foundation. I always use this brush in a swirling motion all over my face. It gives great coverage with a flawless finish.

F70 Concealer (SS194)- Thankfully, I personally don't have to use this brush very often. But, it works great when I need to apply concealer to any blemishes I may have.

F05 Small Contour (SS109)- I wanted a 109 brush to apply liquid foundation with. After hearing all of the complaints about the MAC109 brush shedding so badly after using it with liquid foundation (it wasn't made for liquid products). I decided not to spend the extra money on MAC and just to pick up a F05 (SS109), that way if the brush started to shed I wouldn't be out so much money. I'm glad I did because my F05 (SS109) has not given me any trouble with shedding and works great for applying my liquid foundations.

F40 Large Angled Contour (SS168)- Some say that the SS168 is not as good as the MAC168 because the F40 (SS168) is not quite as dense. I never really noticed a difference myself. After I closely examined the brushes side by side I could see that the F40 (SS168) is slightly less dense, but I still think that the F40 (SS168) is just as good. The F40 (SS168) gives the same results as the MAC168. It applies and blends all of my powder blushes very well without being blotchy or streaky. I have also used it for contouring the cheek bones and it works fine for that as well.

F20 Large Powder (w/ Sort Handle) (SS134)- I don't use this type of powder brush that often, but if you are looking for a "paddle" type powder brush I think this one is the best choice. This brush applies nicely and gives a even finish, and is soo soft. However, I do think that the MAC134 maybe just ever so slightly denser. This does not effect the result of the application. So, I chose the Sigma one because the price is right.

F30 Large Powder (w/ Long Handle) (SS150)- My opinion of this brush is exactly the same as for the F20 (SS134). It's slightly less dense than the MAC150, but is still a great brush for the price. However, I don't think that you need both the F20 (SS134) and F30 (SS150). It just depends if you prefer the shorter or longer handle. So, the choice is yours.

E25 Blending (white hair) (SS217)- This is a fantastic brush and I recommend getting more than one of these brushes. In one single eye look I can easily use two or three of these brushes, simply because I need a clean one, as well as for all of the tasks I use it for. I use this brush for crease application, outer V work, and blending. This is truly a multi-tasker, and the E25 (SS217) is every bit as good as the MAC217. I've actually experienced less splaying with my E25 (SS217) than the MAC217.

E40 Tapered Blending (rounded w/ black hairs) (SS224)- This is another fantastic multi-tasker that you will need to buy more than one of. I use this brush for blending out harsh edges of my eye shadow, applying concealer, application of my setting powder on top of my concealer, and I have even used this brush to highlight the bridge of my nose and cheek bones. I've also used it to contour the sides of my nose with. I do see a very slight difference in the density of this brush compared to the MAC224, but it does not effect the application in any way.

E60 Large Shader (SS252)- I love this shader brush. I use it for placement of my eye shadows and pigments. I'm not going to compare it to MAC because the design is totally different. They are both wonderful brushes.

E65 Small Angle (SS266)- A must have for gel/cream eye liner application. It makes winged eye liner a breeze. I also use this one to shade in my brows a bit. This is another brush that I bought more than one of.

F25 Tapered Face (SS138)- I wasn't sure what category to put this brush in. It is trashy for sculpting. Because again, the Sigma tapered brushes are poorly cut. However, I did find a good use for this brush. I really like it to apply my setting powder with. I actually prefer it for powder application over all of my other powder brushes. I like to only powder my T-zone and leave the rest of my face with a nice natural glow. This brush is ever so slightly tapered and is narrower than any of my other "paddle" type powder brushes, so it is easier to use the F25 (SS138) to apply powder.

Trashy Sigma Brushes
E30 Pencil (SS219)- This is by far the crappiest brush of the entire collection. Sorry to be so blunt, but I really just threw this brush in the trash. It was that bad. The cut of this brush is horrible. I don't see how anyone could ever use this brush for it's intended purpose because the brush is not cut precisely enough to use it to apply a nice neat line of shadow under the lower lash line. It creates a large thick smear of color. Even after I gave this brush a much needed hair cut to better define the fibers and make it more precise. I still thew it away. You really can't turn a pile of crap into a pot of gold. lol : D

E45 Small Tapered Blending (SS226)- I have the same problem with this brush as I do with the SS219. The cut of this brush is not to hot. It's not quite as bad as the SS219, but still it's not what I would call a good brush.

E35 Tapered Blending (tapered w/ white hairs) (SS222)- Same thing with this brush. The cut is just not as precise as it should be. The brush can still be used successfully to achieve good results, but you really have to take your time and work with the E35 (SS222). The MAC222 is much better and takes less effort to get great results.

E05 Eye Liner (SS209)- This thing is to fat. It's like if you were using one of those fat Crayola Markers to apply your eye liner instead of a sharp pencil. The MAC209 is a better choice and allows for a more precise application, because it is thinner and the hairs are denser and stay together better.

F35 Tapered Highlighter (SS165)- Same old song and dance. Sigma's tapered brushes are poorly cut, and can't be used to precisely apply anything. The MAC165 is just so much better. I even tried to use this one like I use my F05 (SS109) and apply foundation with it so that it wouldn't be a total waste, but then the hairs started shedding like crazy. It's junk.

F15 Duo Fiber Powder/Blush (SS131)- Horrible. I was wanting this brush to be good so badly, because I missed out on the MAC131 when it was released, but this was a disappointment. I have mentioned that some of the other Sigma brushes were slightly less dense than the MAC brushes, but it did not affect the great outcome of the application. This is not the case with the F15 (SS131), the hairs on this brush are way to sparse. The application is horrible, streaky, and uneven. I also got a significant amount of bleeding from this brush when I washed it. If you can get a hold of the MAC131 get it. If you can't the MAC188 or MAC187 will do the same job as far as blush application goes, it just depends if you would rather the small or the large size.

F50 Duo Fiber (SS187)- This brush maybe slightly less dense than the MAC187. I compared to see and honestly I can't see the difference. Even if it is less dense it has no effect on the application. The application is great with this brush. I use it to stipple my liquid foundation and I have always gotten flawless results. The reason why I gave this brush away and went back to my MAC187 is because the damn thing sheds so much. Just when you think it has stopped it starts shedding again. I hated having to pick of all those little hairs off my face.

F60 Foundation (SS191)- I have never liked this brush by any company. I find that when used for foundation application it leaves streaks and gives an uneven application. If you would like a "paddle" type foundation brush I suggest the MAC189.

Brushes I Just Don't Think are Necessary
E50 Large Fluff (SS227)- This brush is meant for applying a wash of color on the lid. I find it to be to large for my eyes, and my eyes are not small. I have used this brush for highlighting my cheek bones and it works fine, but I still say that it is an unnecessary brush being that you already get the F40 (SS168) which works fine for highlighting.

F65 Large Concealer (SS192)- I used to use this brush to apply my under eye concealer. I have started using the E40 (SS224) for this and it works sooo much better. It blends the concealer into the skin so much better. I have also used this brush in the past to apply my cream blush with. Now, I perfer the MAC188 for applying cream blush. It blends better and gives a more even application.

F75 Concealer (yellow hair, medium sized one) (SS195)- This brush can be used to apply concealer precisely, such as on a blemish on your face. I use the F70 (SS194) for this since it is smaller. You can also use the F75 (SS195) brush to apply under eye concealer with. I prefer the E40 (SS224) for this job. You may also use this brush to apply other cream products with such as paint pots or eye shadows bases. I would much rather use the E25 (SS217).

E70 Medium Angle Shading (SS275)- This is suggested to apply brow highlight shade, apply eyeshadow to inner corners, and for detailed outer V work. The only suggestion that worked for me was to use it to apply brow highlight shade. It works good for that, but so does just about every other eye brush, ex. E60 (SS252)or MAC239. The E70 (SS275) is way to large to apply eye shadow precisely to any eye area. I suggest the MAC272 or MAC226 for precise crease and outer V work, and the MAC219 to apply eyeshadow to the inner corner with.

E20 Short Shader (SS214)- They suggest this brush be used to densely apply eye shadow on the lid. The E60 (SS252) or MAC239 can be used for the same thing. They suggest this brush to also be used to apply and smudge eye shadow or eye liner on the lash lines. I think that the MAC219 is a better choice for doing this.

E10 Small Eye Liner (SS210)- I never use this brush. If you already have the MAC209 this one is not necessary it does the same job.

F10 Powder/Blush (SS129)- This is a good brush. I just rather use the F40 (SS168) or MAC116 to apply my blush with.

Sigma Brushes I Don't Have
F55 Small Duo Fiber (SS188)- I do not plan to buy this brush based on my opinion of the SS187 & SS131

F82- I'm going to give this one a try simply because I love the (SS197) F80 Flat Top Kabuki so much. I'm wondering how this would work for applying under eye concealer, and if it will replace my SS224 for concealer.

F84 Angled Top Sinthetic Kabuki- I can't wait to see how this will work to apply my cream blushes with.

F45 Buffer- I already have the MAC181, so I don't think I need it.

Hollywood Glamour Retractable Kabuki- I already have an Ecotools retractable kabuki that I rarely ever use, so what the point in buy another one.

Looks like I will be making a small Sigma Order soon : )

The bottom line is that the Sigma brushes that are tapered suck because they are poorly cut, and Sigma duo-fibers bleed and some are not as dense as they should be. I also think that when you buy brush sets you pay for brushes that you may not necessarily use. Remember you can now order the brushes individually and order multiples of your favorites.

I hope you enjoyed my new take on the Sigma Brushes. I was never really satisfied with my first review of them and it was kind of a difficult post for me to do. I really didn't know what I wanted to say about them. I think that it was because I hadn't used them long enough to really know how I felt about them. The facts were good, and really my opinion really didn't change that much. But, I just didn't feel confident about what I had written. I guess that happens to us bloggers from time to time. Now, I am happy with the information that I have put out here for you guys to see. I hope you enjoy reading it, and it helps you to decide which brushes to buy. Please let me know what you think of your Sigma brushes. I love hearing from everyone.

Please remember that every review you see on this blog is a true representation of my honest opinion. I have never and will never be affiliated with any company mentioned. I purchase all of the products I review with my own money, and would never be interested in receiving free products or money in exchange for a great review. This is an honest woman's blog.
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cham Pale Collection Photos & Swatches - Yes, I said swatches!

I'm so happy to say here are the Cham Pale Swatches! I know we have all been waiting to see them. With the new MAC secrecy policy, it is great that someone was able to help us out. Thank you so much to Haruhii! We appreciate this wonderful post from you! I hope that she can keep them coming for us, please. Enjoy everyone!

To see my Cham Pale Color Story with pictures and product descriptions visit my Cham Pale Collection post here on Pretty Little Cajun Queen.

Judging from these swatches I will be getting...
Lavander Fix +- $19.50
Caviar Dreams Palette- $36.00
Quite, Please Lipstick- B2MAC
Let Me Pop Paint Pot- $16.50
Dangerous Cuvee Paint Pot- $16.50
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My Favorite Department Store & Drugstore Makeup Products of 2010 by Brand

I have been working endlessly on this huge post for you guys. I decided to do this so that everyone can see my tried and true favorite products and maybe try some out for yourselves. These would also be great in a nice little gift basket for Christmas. These are all items that I have repurchased over and over and have stood the test of time, and hung in there beyond the "New & Improved" products. I give all of these products a ♥♥♥♥♥ rating! So let's get started, this is going to be fun...

  • Coralista Blush- This is a beautiful light coral shade that has great lasting power and would flatter most skin tones. You can purchase Benefit's Coralista Blush at Sephora for $28 US.

    • Powderflage- I use this as a setting & highlighting powder for my under eye concealer. It insures that your concealer will not crease or move around on the skin. I also use it as a highlight on the tops of my cheek bones. I don't use the brush that comes with it because I don't like how it distributes the product. I prefer using a fluffy blending brush, like the 224. I know that the packaging is small, but trust me this stuff is worth it. All you need is a tiny bit to get the job done. You can purchase Benefit's Powderflage at Sephora for $28 US.


      • Brush on Cream Eye Liner- I'm usually not a fan of many Clinique makeup products. I find their pigmentation lacking, and their green packaging ummm, ugly. Sorry, I like it ALL to be pretty. However, this is the exception. I first found these gel/cream eyeliners at the CCO in Gulfport, MS. The SA actually suggested them to me. I purchased Bronze and Egyptian for I believe $10.25 ea. US. I can wear these all day no matter what the weather conditions and I never get raccoon eyes. They are easy to apply and don't dry up quickly at all. I've had mine for several months and they're still as good as new. These particular shades are discontinued now, but the regular line shades are just as good. There is Black Honey (black/brown) Deep Brown, True Black.You can purchase Clinique Brush on Cream Eye Liner at Sephora for $14.50 US.
      • Eyeshadows- I don't have certain favorite shades of eye shadows. It just depends on what I feel like wearing at the moment. That is what is so great about MAC eye shadows, variety! MAC eye shadows come in all sorts of shades and finishes. I will say this, be very careful when you purchase Lustre shades, some of them are all glitter and no color payoff, ex. Honeylust. However, some are pretty good, ex. Retrospeck. My advice, never buy a Lustre shade on-line unless you are sure of the texture and color payoff. If you see one you're interested in go to the store and swatch it first. You can purchase MAC eye shadows in pot form for $14.50 US and pan form for $11.00 US on the MAC web-site, in MAC Freestanding Stores, MAC Pro, or MAC counters in Dillard's.

          • Mineralize Skinfinishes- These are probably the most sought after and coveted MAC products, and for good reason. They are gorgeous! MAC carries a few of these on the regular line, but the most beautiful are always brought out as limited edition products. These can be used as a highlighter or as gorgeous blushes depending on the shade. My only grip is some can be overly glittery (Color Craft collection) so be careful of those if you don't care for glitter bombs. You can purchase Mineralize SkinFinishes on the MAC site for $ US. Keep a watch for the limited edition ones. You can purchase them here as well, but they go fast.

            • Paint Pots- I recently did a full review on 2 of my favorite paint pots, so I won't bore you. However, I must say, "No Creasing!" You can purchase Paint Pots on the MAC site for $16.50 ea. US.

              • Empty Quads & 15 Pro Pan Palettes- I love the new design for the quads with the clear lid. It makes organization so much easier. I had heard that the 15 palettes would be changed to the clear lid as well, but it doesn't seem like it will be any time soon if at all. I'm waiting until the new year and if they haven't changed by then I will be purchasing the new quads for all of my eyeshadows. The quads and 15 palettes are a great price for great quality.Quads are $5 US and 15 Pro Pans are $14 US you can purchase these on the MAC website.

                • MAC Brushes- 187, 188, 131, 165, 138, 209, 239, 226, 219, 222- Actually they are all great, but these are my favorite for the price. You can buy them on the MAC web-site. Prices depend on the brush.
                Make Up For Ever
                • HD Invisible Coverage Foundation- You can see my full review here. Great coverage without wearing a mask. You can buy MUFE HD Foundation at Sephora for $40US.

                  • Aqua Eyes Stay Put Eye Liner Pencils- Through the hottest summer months this liner didn't budge on my waterline. It's a keeper! These eye liners come in 25 different shades and are the best I've ever tried, and I've tried them all. You can buy the MUFE Aqua Eyes Stay Put Eye Liner Pencils at Sephora for $17 US.

                    • Cream Blushes- As everyone knows I'm a bit of a beauty bargain hunter, and NARS blushes are imo not a beauty bargain, but the quality of these makes you kind of forget how much you are spending. If you have the extra to spare these are the best cream blushes I've ever tried. My favorite is NARS Cactus Flower. If you can only have one, this is the one. I would describe the shade as a watermelon pink with slight golden shimmer. The lasting power of this cream blusher is off the charts. Lasting all day long and not coming off until you clean your face. These blushes have a cream to silky powder finish, and will not be sticky to the touch, which is important to me.You can purchase NARS Cream Blushes at Sephora for $26 US. For great swatches of all the NARS Cream Blushes visit KarlaSugar.
                    This is a picture of NARS Turkish Red Cream Blush which is discontinued. 

                      Urban Decay
                      • Primer Potion- I use the regular formula and it always insures my eye shadow to stay put with no creasing. Just what I expected. You can get Urban Decay Primer Potion at Sephora for $29 US, this is for the large professional size in the tube. The origianal one with the wand is $18 US, but contains less product.

                        Now for my Drugstore favorites...These are products that I love and use everyday. These are just as good of quality as good Department store products, but just at a lower price. Who doesn't appreciate that??

                        Coastal Scents
                        • 88 Eye Shadow Palettes- My favorite is the Warm Palette. No matter what your choice is these are all great palettes. I think that these palettes are great for everyone, but I can see where these would be a must have for a makeup artist, since there are such a variety of shades. You can purchase several different palettes at Coastal Scents for any where from $16 US-$26 US. Which is a bargain considering all the different shades you get. Not to worry the texture and color payoff are wonderful.
                        This is a pic of the 88 Warm Palette

                          • Silica Spheres- This is the exact same product as MUFE HD Microfinish Powder. I have both products and have compared them. Same ingredients and same great results.  The greatest thing is that the CS Silica Spheres is $4.95 US for 1 oz./28.53 grams. Where as, MUFE HD Microfinish Powder is $30 US for 0.35 oz./10 grams. That means you are getting almost 3 times the product for 1/6 of the price. Now that's a deal. Talk about paying for a name brand. Now, when you order the Silica Sphere it will be shipped to you in just a random plastic container with a screw top lid. So, you will want to also order a container with a sifter in it for your powder which you can also get from Coastal Scents. Take a look at the following entry for a recommendation for the sifter...

                            • Cosmetics Containers- I am constantly ordering the 5 gram packing jars to store all of my pigment samples in. I purchase 1" round labels from the office supply store to write the product name on. I stick the label on the black lid so that I can store the pigments upside down so that I can see the actual color instead of the name on the label. I have also purchased the 30 gram Rotation Sifter Jar to store my Silica Spheres Powder. This jar is like the jar that BE uses for there powder foundation. It twists so that the product doesn't pour out. Smart idea. You can purchase these and other jars at Coastal Scents. They also come in different quantities this is just how I order mine. The 5 gram jar is $7.99 US per 25 jars and the 30 gram jar is $0.89 US for 1 jar.

                              La Femme
                              • Blush on Rouge- Do you love the awesome pigmentation of NARS blushes?? Me too, but at $26 ea. US my collection contains very few. Not to worry, there is a cheaper alternative. The La Femme blushes are just as pigmented and last all day on the skin, the texture is nice and soft as well. They are everything that NARS blushes are for about a tenth of the price! This is a great find! Makeup Mania sells the Individual Pots for $3 US, or you can buy the Individual Pans for $2.50 US, or you can also head to the Palette Lab and create your own custom 12 pan blush palette for $35 US. OR you can do what I did and order the individual pans and then go on evil-bay and buy a better palette for about $10 US including shipping. The palettes that La Femme uses are cardboard and leaves more to be desired from the quality aspect. Doing it this way it will cost you about the same amount for 10 blushes instead of the original 12, but you get a much sturdier, higher quality palette. Either way it's a great bargain.

                                • Voluminous Mascara- This is an amazing mascara that adds volume and length to my lashes while the deep black pigmentation makes each lash stand out. I've dabbled in all types of mascara and even thought I found new favorites, but each time I came back to this one. If you ask me mascara is a very personal preference item. Everyone wants something different from their mascara. Still, I recommend this one to everyone. I believe it to be one that you can't go wrong with.You can purchase this at any drugstore for less than $10 US.
                                • 10 Color Eye Shadow Palettes- I love these to keep in my purse, just in case I need a quick touch up. These are also great for travel, just pop these into your cosmetic case for great vacation eye looks. There a many different palettes to choose from. My favorites for travel are the Smokey, Champagne and Caviar, and the Versus palettes. They don't take up any room and by chance it happens to get broken you're only out about $8 ea. US. These eye shadows have great pigmentation and soft texture, so blending is a breeze. You can purchase these and other great ones at CherryCulture for $8 US or on the NYX website for $9.75 US. Watch both of these sites for great sales. Psst, I just saw that there are new ones to choose from.

                                  • Mega Shine Lip Gloss- One look at these and you will know why I don't usually buy lip glosses from MAC or any other company. These are gorgeous, moisturizing, and come in a variety of shades and finishes. The packaging is pretty too. You can buy these for $3.99 US at CherryCulture or $5.50 US at NYX. Again, watch for sales.

                                    • ColorStay Liquid Foundation- I have been wearing this foundation for years. I used this foundation before I knew anything about MUFE, NARS, MAC, or any other pricier cosmetics. Now, even after using and loving other departments store foundations that are 3 to 4 times the price. ColorStay foundation is always in my regular rotation. This foundation is a must have for me in the summer months here in Louisiana. Most other foundations melt off my face with in an hour of leaving the house, this one stays on for the long haul. I've also noticed that ColorStay photographs pretty well and doesn't leave the white cast that flash photography can cause. Recently, I learned that the main culprit that causes the white cast in pics is usually due to a high amount of SPF included in a foundation, just a little FYI. With the SPF thing explained, I always buy 2 of these foundations. One for Normal/Dry Skin with a SPF of 15 to wear daily and the other for Oily/Combo Skin with a SPF of 6 to wear for photos. These foundations come in wide range of shades in each formula, so finding your match in this foundation is much easier than most other drugstore brand foundations.You can find Revlon ColorStay foundation at  Walgreens, most other drugstores, super stores, and grocery stores.

                                        • Super Lustrous Lip Sticks- These lipsticks stay on pretty well, are moisturizing, and come in a slue of different shades and finishes. They are not drying and don't have a gross taste. Works for me...My favorite shade is Just Enough Buff. You can purchase these at just about any drugstore, Wal-Mart, Target, or you can order them on-line as well for about $6.99 US. Watch for Walgreens Buy 1 Get 1 50% off Sales.

                                          • Moisture Renew Lipsticks- The shades of these lipsticks are so flattering. That's initially what sold me most on these lipsticks, but there's more. These lipsticks are so moisturizing without being sticky feeling on the lips. My favorite shade is Spotlight Beige, which is not listed on the web-site, but can be purchased in the store.  You can buy Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks at Walgreens for $6.99 US, and watch for their Buy 1 Get 1 50% off Sales.

                                            • 1000 Kisses Stay On Lip Liner- These eye liners are good stuff. They come in several different shades to match your lipsticks and have good lasting power. I perfer buying cheaper brands of lip pencils to save money for more important department store products. You can find the Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Liners at Walgreens.

                                              • Brushes- F80 (SS197), F05(SS109), SS134, F30(SS150), F40(SS168), E60(SS252), E35(SS217), E40(SS224), E65(SS266). Oh gosh, the drama behind these brushes. Frankly, there are good and bad products of every brand, and Sigma is no exception. Some of these brushes are great and some are not. You can take a look at my full Sigma Review and MAC Comparisons here. The just of it is that Sigma brushes are great for the price, but the brushes that are supposed to be tapered suck because they are poorly cut, ex. the (SS219) is the absolute worst of the whole collection. However, the others that I have mentioned above are great brushes and I use them on a daily basis with great results. You can now purchase individual brushes from Sigma which is great. The price varies depending on the brush.

                                                Wet n' Wild

                                                • Color Icon Eye Shadows- Take your choice, the singles, trios, and 6 color palettes are all wonderful, come in gorgeous shades, and a steal of a deal. You can find these at Walgreens

                                                • Cream Eyeliner- This is some good stuff!! Even in the hottest summer month this stuff is not coming off. I even use it on my waterline when I know that a pencil liner just won't cut it. This is the best black gel eye liner I have ever used. The pigmentation is awesome. The blackest of black. It glides on smoothly and last forever. You can purchase Wet n Wild gel eyeliner at most drugstores including CVS for $3.99 US.

                                                 I feel the need to remind everyone that I am in no way affiliated with the brands or stores I have mentioned. These are strictly my personal experiences and opinions based on my own use and purchases of these products. The stores mentioned are only a suggestion of where these item can be purchased, but may also be found else where.
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                                                  Sunday, December 5, 2010

                                                  What the hell is MAC thinking???

                                                  The word on the beautiful side of the street is that MAC's new policy now states that their employees are no longer allowed to share inside information with the public about MAC collections before the collection releases.  From what I hear, if a MAC employee is caught doing this they can be terminated! So, this means no more upcoming collection names, product list, or swatches. This was confirmed for me yesterday when I called the MAC consumer care line to inquire about when and if the 15 pro pan palettes would be changed to the same style as the quads, with clear lids. When I told the lady that I had heard that the palettes where rumored to be changed, she snottily asked me, "Where exactly did you hear this information from?" I calmly responded in my most sweet, southern mannerly voice, "Excuse me Mame, but I thought I was supposed to be the one asking the questions while you are the one who was supposed to do the answering." She quickly respond with a snappy little attitude, "Yes, Mame I do not have any information about this, we have not been given any updates at this time." Which I happen to know is a lie, because on November 31, 2010 there was a product meeting held. At the meeting she would have been told about the upcoming products that will be released. But, whatever.

                                                  Also, if you take a look on the traffic really seems like it has slowed down a bit. I'm not sure if this is because of the new layout and differences in the way you now have to navigate the sight, but it truly seems as though there is less posting taken place there, and much less information being posted. With the Cham Pale collection releasing in only 20 more days there would already be numerous swatches posted of all or most of the products. There are very few swatches of this collection available ANYWHERE, not just on If you are able to find any swatches most of them are of the items that are being re-promoted. Also, usually there is information on at least the next 2 or 3 upcoming collections. The newest collection information is for the Mickey Contractor collection which releases in January.

                                                  MAC must have had a brain fart or something. I guess they don't realize that releasing early information brings in big profits for them. Think of it like this...Your average chick down the street is not a MAC addict and could care less about upcoming MAC collections. She also probably doesn't spend that much money on MAC cosmetics. We beauty bloggers, Makeupalley members, Specktra members, makeup artist, and closet makeup hoers are the ones shelling out hundreds of dollars on each collection, and we are the ones waiting on pins and needles for the next collection to come out so we can do it again. We are the ones who want to hear all the newest information, so that we can plan out our massive MAC wish lists. We are also the ones who are bring in the majority of the big bucks to MAC every year! All I can say is what in the hell are they thinking??? I guess they weren't thinking about this at all, but in this economy they really should be.

                                                  By MAC allowing all of us beauty bloggers to know about upcoming collections early we we're sending out free advisement and hyping up their products to millions around the world from our home computers or mobile phones. Helping to sell out their products very quickly, and helping to bring in costumers that normally would have just walked right passed the MAC counter. Not only that, with MAC shiting out a new collection every other week, it seems. The early information gave all of us MAC addicts time to cough up a couple hundred dollars to spend on each collection. I know that sounds crazy, but I'm not joking. I have one of the smallest MAC collections of any of the MAC addicts I know, and I have spent over $5,000.00 on MAC products alone in the past 2 years. If you think that's bad you should see my best friends brush collection alone. MAC should be kissing our asses and give us exactly what we want...for the right price of course. Instead it seems as though they think we should be kissing their ass. If you need proof of that, take a walk into the MAC freestanding store in Baton Rouge, LA the SA's there act like they are doing you a favor to answer your questions, help you find a product, or to even take your money. Needless, to say I don't shop there anymore.

                                                  This new kick in the teeth makes me not want to purchase MAC anymore. They have raised prices, decreased the size of several of their products, and now this whole no info rule. It's just a total let down. However, I know that my addiction is way to strong to say that I would never buy their products again. I wouldn't dare say I am on a MAC no buy, but I can promise you one thing. No more stalking LE for me!! I will stop in to replenish items from the regular line, and if a new collection happens to be out and item catches my eye, great I will pick it up. But no more $200 collection wish lists or purchases for me. I can promise you I won't be standing in front of the MAC store in Metarie, LA anymore just waiting for the doors to open, so that I can score the latest bag of hype. My MAC budget just went on a diet and my savings account just got fatter.

                                                  Then again, Make Up For Ever has some great products I've had my eye on. : D I guess I said that like a true makeup hoer. LOL.

                                                  My blog entries always express my personal views and opinions. My blog entries represent my rights of freedom of speech and press, which are protected as an American citizen in the Bill of Rights. Thank you to all of the branches military, and service men and women who make this possible. God Bless You!!
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                                                  Wednesday, November 24, 2010

                                                  NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Gold & Pure Gold Review & Comparison- ♥♥♥

                                                  I like these pencils mostly for the color selection. They come in just about every shade you could imagine which gives you some great options for your eye looks. While MAC Paint Pots color selection is quite small and offers colorful shades only on a limited edition bases. Unfortunately, NYX Jumbo Pencils pale in comparison to MAC Paint Pots quality. After I took the swatch photo to post here. I waited for about 30 min. and then took my finger and wiped it across the swatches to see if any would smudge. The MAC Paint Pots stood strong with no smudging at all. However the NYX Jumbo Pencils both smudged. Now, there is a way to fix this. When I use the Jumbo Pencils I always use a primer such as UDPP under the pencil. This helps to prevent creasing and smudging. Also, don't use the pencil by applying it directly to the eye. This can cause a build up of product and it will surely crease. Apply the pencil by rubbing it on your finger first, and then apply it to your lid with your finger. This insures that you don't use an excess of product and that it is evenly applied. I always apply them this way and I have never had any problems with creasing or smudging. It's an extra step that you have to take, but I would say that it's worth it. Especially if you are on a beauty budget. MAC Paint Pots are $16.50 ea. US and NYX Jumbo Pencils are $3.50 ea. US on the Cherry Culture website. That is a $13.00 US savings!

                                                  As far as the two particular shades go, I don't think that you need both. As you can see from the swatches they are both very close in color. The Pure Gold is slightly more golden were Gold is slightly more bronze. Being that NYX also offers a Bronze Jumbo Eye Pencil I would suggest skipping the Gold one and get Pure Gold and Bronze.
                                                  Just a little FYI- Skip the Black Bean Pencil as well. There is nothing you can do to keep this sucker from creasing. BTW- My lids aren't oily either.
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                                                  Monday, November 22, 2010

                                                  MAC Rubenesque & Indianwood Paint Pots Review and Compairision- ♥♥♥♥♥

                                                  My best friend just asked me what I thought of MAC's Rubenesque and Indianwood Paint Pots, and if she needed both. So, Tracy this one is for you girlie.

                                                  For those of you who have never tried a MAC Paint Pot go get one now. You'll love it. MAC Paint Pots can be purchased in MAC stores, counters, or at for $16.50 US. There are 9 regular line shades, and MAC releases LE shades periodically during the year, looking forward to the Cham Pale ones. MAC Paint Pots serve as a primer and base all in one. You will not need a separate primer to prevent creasing. Paint Pots start out with a creamy texture, but dry pretty quickly so that you can also wear it as a smudge proof cream shadow. I love to use them as a primer and base, because they add so much drama to the eyeshadow you use on top of it. It makes the eyeshadow POP!

                                                  As far as Rubenesque and Indianwood go. In my opinion they are not similar enough to just get on or the other, especially if you love wearing gold tones, like I do. Indianwood is more of a brown toned golden bronze where as Rubenesque is a peachy gold. To me Indianwood applies more opaque and Rubenesque applies slightly sheerer, but you can easily build it to get the coverage you like, and it still won't crease.

                                                  And just a bit of extra info...No, I don't think that Rubenesque and Indianwood are anything like the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Prue Gold or Gold. Please check out my review on those Wednesday.
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                                                  Friday, November 19, 2010

                                                  Makeup Forever HD Invisible Coverage Foundation- ♥♥♥♥

                                                  This is my fall/winter go to foundation. I can't wear this one in the spring/winter simply because it does not stand a chance in the hot, extremely humid weather that we have here in Louisiana. But when the weather is cooler this is my favorite foundation. I like it because it gives a flawless look to the skin. As you know I'm getting verrry close to 30 yrs. old, and though I take good care of my skin, time just does things to your skin that you would rather not let everyone see. That is what is great about this stuff, it is so build-able, and has great coverage, but it doesn't make you look like you're wearing a mask. It leaves a flawless healthy looking dewy finish. The price is a little steep to me. I bought mine at Sephora for $40 US, but really it is a bargin. I have had my MUFE HD foundation for almost 2 yrs. now, and I haven't made a dent in the bottle at all. It still looks brand new. This is because all you need for great coverage is 2 squirts. This foundation comes with a pump which is always great! I pump once on my hand and apply that to one side of my face. Then I pump again, on my hand and apply to the other side. I always use a brush to apply it with. I think this helps with not needing so much product.

                                                  Another great thing about this foundation is the color selection. If you are a lady like myself and have a horrible time getting your exact foundation match this is a great foundation. The color section is huge! The Sephora website offers 26 shades ranging from the palest to the darkest shades with every undertone imaginable. My advice when picking out a foundation shade is to always get 3 samples. Get the shade that looks like your perfect match. Then get one shade lighter and a shade darker. Apply each one and go outside and see what each on looks like in natural light. The lights in department stores always suck. After you have picked the one that suits you then go buy the full size bottle. This way you can be sure you have the best match possible.

                                                  This is really great stuff and if you have been wanting to give it a try and just didn't know whether or not to splurge on it. You really should. Plus, if you buy from  Sephora their return policy is great so you won't be stuck with it, if  you are not satisfied. Actually, I returned my first bottle in #119 because the shade was a bit to light for me, and got my perfect match in #125. The SA's were great about it and I had no problem exchanging it for me.

                                                  I hope you enjoyed the review. I will be reviewing more MUFE soon. I have the HD Microfinish Powder and Black Aqua Eyes Eyeliner Pencil on the books already. I would really like to try to get the MUFE Face and Body Foundation as well. I think it would be a great spring/summer foundation since it is water proof. However, there is not as many foundation shades to choose from as the HD foundation, and finding a match is not going to be as easy. I'll still give it a go, and let you know.
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                                                  Drugstore Product of the Week- Wet n' Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Single- Nutty- ♥♥♥♥

                                                   I was having a bit of trouble deciding which drugstore product to feature this week, and then it hit me. I have been wearing this gorgeous shade of eyeshadow for over a week straight, and I absolutely love it. The shade is so versatile and can be worn with many different shades and for both day and night looks. It is a warm/red based, smokey/ashy, shimmery taupe-ish/ brown tone. I know, I suck at color descriptions. The color reminds me of a brown toned MAC Smoke and Diamonds or even a brown toned MAC Satin Taupe. It's not as golden as Woodwinked.  The texture is top notch and is a breeze to blend out, and the pigmentation is great as well. This shade is great for a nice wash of color but is also very build-able for a more dramatic look. This item will always have a place in my collection because of it's great quality, affordable price, and the gorgeous color. Wet n' Wild is really surprising me with the Color Icon Eyeshadows, they are great quality. I will be posting more reviews on the Trios and 6 color palettes. If there is a certain one you would like to see first let me know I have them all! : D

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                                                  Tuesday, November 16, 2010

                                                  MAC Cham Pale Collection Information- 12/26/10

                                                  Release Dates:
                                                  December 26, 2010- US & Canada
                                                  January 2011- International

                                                  Info Source: Specktra 
                                                  Picture Source:

                                                  LIPSTICKS- $14.00 US
                                                  Quiet, Please- Sheer frosty pale beige (L) (LE- Re-promote Red She Said '08)
                                                  Gel- sheer pale gold (F) (Permanent)
                                                  Flustered- frosted pale bronze (F) (LE)
                                                  Tanarama- soft pale golden beige w/ gold shimmer (F) (Permanent)

                                                  LIPGELEE- $14.50 US
                                                  Bubble Lounge- sparkly pink peach
                                                  Luxure- off white with pink pearlized pigments 
                                                  Sin-Tillation- sparkly pale icy pink
                                                  Straight To The Head- sparkly brown bronze

                                                  CAVIAR DREAMS QUAD- $36.00 US
                                                  Et, Tu Bouquet?
                                                  Caviar Dreams- midtone frosted pewter

                                                  PAINT POTS- $16.50 US
                                                  Chilled on Ice- frosted white gold
                                                  Dangerous Cuvee- frosted cool grey
                                                  Let Me Pop- frosted light copper 
                                                  Vintage Selection- frosted midtone peach

                                                  STUDIO FIX LASH
                                                  Black Fix

                                                  EYE KOHL- $14.50 US
                                                  I Get No Kick- metallic nude

                                                  CHROMAGRAPIC EYE PENCIL- $14.50 US

                                                  KOHL POWER EYE PENCIL- $14.5O US

                                                  SPECIAL RESERVE HIGHLIGHT POWDER- $28.00 US
                                                  Chez Chez Lame- soft gold with silver shimmer
                                                  Rose Ole- soft pink with gold shimmer 

                                                  NAIL LACQUER- $13.00 US
                                                  Soiree- sparkly light bronze gold
                                                  Very Important Platinum- midtone platinum

                                                  TINTED LIPCONDITIONER SPF15 + LAVENDER (LE)- $14.50 USD
                                                  Calm Mode- light neutral beige

                                                  LIP CONDITIONER SPF15 + LAVENDER (LE)- $14.50 USD

                                                  COMPLETE COMFORT CREME (LE ASIA)- $32.00 US

                                                  FIX + LAVENDER- $19.50 USD

                                                  My Initial Thoughts

                                                  I'm really liking this collection for it's natural beauty. Lately I've really been drawn to more natural looks and this collection has really got my attention. I'm concerned that the lipsticks will give off a dead pasty look being that they seem to be so pale, but only swatches can tell. The lipgelees will not be on my wishlist as well, just for the simple fact that I tend to steer away from MAC's lip products unless I will be B2MACing for them, so that I can save money for more important items.

                                                  My favorite items from this collection will definitely be the Paint Pots. I love Paint Pots almost as much as I love blush. It will be so hard for me to decide, but if Let Me Pot is similar to Indianwood I will past on that one, and if Vintage Selection is similar to Coral Crepe I will pass on that one as well. However, if the similarities aren't there they will all be mine!!

                                                  A must have for me will also be the Lavender Fix +. I was lucky enough to have gotten the Rose Fix + from my CCO a long while back, and I have been using it ever so sparingly, afraid that I would run out. After using the Rose Fix + I could never imagine going back to the old plain Jane Fix +. So, I'm so happy to see another scented one being released. This will be a back up item for me, which is very rare.

                                                  Now, the Palette, Special Reserve Highlight Powders, and the I Get No Kick Eye Kohl Pencil all interest me. But, I will have to see swatches and see what my bank account says before I decide on these items. My concern with the palette and Special Reserve Highlight Powders is pigmentation and texture. Thank goodness for swatches and testers. We shall see. Comment below and let me know what is catching your eye or if this collection will be a skip for you due to the lack of color. I love hearing from everyone! : )
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                                                  Monday, November 15, 2010

                                                  Request a review here!! : )

                                                  If you have a product that you would like me to review please post it as a comment here. If I already have the product I will post my review asap. If I don't have the product I will do my best to get it if it's available. The return policies at all of the stores in my area are very lenient, so even if it's a bust no big deal. I can always return it. I thought that this would be a great way to get closer to my readers and see what everyone else is finding interesting. This is going to be so much fun, so everyone please participate! : )

                                                  This portion is only for my readers and subscribers. It is not for companies or businesses. I do not / will not affiliate my blog in any way with any company or business.
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                                                  I'm back!!

                                                  I'm so sorry for such a long absence. I'm thankful to see that my faithful subscribers are still here waiting for me. My personal life has been quite stressful over the past few months. You know just when you think everything is straightened out something thing else falls apart. In one way or another it just seems like lately there is no rest for the weary, and sadly I had no choice but to put my blog on the back burner. But no matter what I will always come back to my blog. I love blogging and I love sharing all of my built up info with you guys. So, everyone get ready cause here we go again!

                                                  I would like to share some wonderful news with ya'll. During my absence I was getting everything together to apply to the Aveda Institute to study esthiology. I'm so happy to say that I was accepted and will start Feb. 6, 2011. So, look forward to me posting about everything I'm learning and my experiences there. I'm super excited!!! : D
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                                                  Saturday, August 21, 2010

                                                  Fabulous Feline Collection- Fall 2010

                                                  US Release: 8/26/10
                                                  International: 9/10/10

                                                  Ladies! Get ready this is one huge collection full of what I would call very wearable shades. It has my bank account screaming for mercy. The Fabulous Felines collection contain 3 different parts of gorgeous products ranging from eyeshadow quads, liquid eyeliners, pigments, lipsticks, lip glasses, lip liners, mineralize blushes, and cosmetic bags. This is what I call something for everyone! To make it easier to keep track, I'm going to break this down into the different parts for you....

                                                  Burmese Beauty

                                                  Quad- $36.00 US/ $43.00 CAD
                                                  Prized- Pale Yellow Beige- Satin (LE)
                                                  Skintone 2- Dirty Gold- Frost (Re-promote- LE)
                                                  Burmese Beauty- Frosted Brown Green- Lustre (LE)
                                                  Showstopper- Deep Blackened Brown- Matte (Re-promote- LE)

                                                  Pigments- $19.50 US/ $23.50 CAD
                                                  Gold Stroke- Highly Frosted Tarnished Gold- Frost (Re-promote- LE)
                                                  Antique Green- Turquoise Green with Green Pearl- Frost (Re-promote- LE)

                                                  Superslick Liquid Eye Liners- $17.50 US/ $21.00 CAD
                                                  Desires & Devices- Sparkling Dark Green (Permanent)
                                                  Defiantly Feline- Chocolate Brown with Soft Pearl (Permanent)
                                                  Treat Me Nice- Emerald Green with Soft Pearl (Permanent)

                                                  Lipstick- $14.50 US/ $17.50 CAD
                                                  Pet Me Please- Frosted Light Dirty Mauve- Frost (LE)
                                                  To Pamper- Creamy Mid-Tone Taupe- Lustre (LE)
                                                  Liquid Lurex- Light Yellow with Green Dazzle Multipearl- Dazzle (Re-promote- LE)
                                                  Kittenish- Deep Red Berry- Cremesheen (LE)

                                                  Lipglass- $14.50 US/ $17.50 CAD
                                                  Spree- Pink Champagned Taupe (LE)
                                                  Jealous- Light Dirty Green with Pearl (LE)
                                                  Fancy Cat- Dark Dirty Brown with Pearl (LE)

                                                  Cremestick Liner- $14.50/ $17.50 CAD
                                                  Velvetella- Blackened Plum

                                                  Mineralize Blush- $21.00 US/ $25.00 CAD
                                                  The Soft Meow- Mid-tone Golden Bronze with Soft Pearl- Frost- (LE)

                                                  Burmese Beauty Cosmetic Bag- $25.00 US/ $30.00 CAD
                                                  Felt Cosmetic Bag with Faux Leather Trim- (LE)
                                                  Palace Pedigreed

                                                  Courtly- Frosted Muted Light Pink Beige- Satin- (LE)
                                                  Palace Pedigreed- Deep Berry with Dark Soft Pink Pearl- Satin- (LE)
                                                  Quite Spoiled- Mid-tone Neutral Mauve- Satin- (LE)
                                                  Russian Blue- Deep Neutral Grey- Matte- (LE)

                                                  Mauvement- Cool Taupe with Gold Pearl- Frost- (Re-promote- LE)
                                                  Bloodline- Dark Dirty Browned Purple- Frost- (LE)

                                                  Superslick Liquid Eye Liner
                                                  Nocturnal- Bright Silver pearl (Permanent)
                                                  Smokey Heir- Dark Blue Violet with Soft Pearl (Permanent)
                                                  Signature Blue- Dark Navy with Soft Pearl (Permanent)

                                                  Superior- Sheer Lavender Pink with Dazzle Pink Pearl (Dazzle)
                                                  Of Royalty- Light Creamy Blue Pink- Cremesheen- (LE)
                                                  Aristo-Cat- Mid-tone Frosted Purple Mauve- Frost- (LE)
                                                  Cunning- Dark Berry (Frost- LE)

                                                  Docile- Dirty Lavender with Pearl- (LE)
                                                  Best of Breed- Light Dirty Blue with Pearl (LE)
                                                  Lap of Luxury- Dark Eggplant with Pearl (LE)

                                                  Cremestick Liner
                                                  Beurre- Dirty Plum

                                                  Mineralize Blush
                                                  Pet Me- Light Yellow Pink with Soft Pearl (LE)

                                                  Palace Pedigreed Cosmetic Bag
                                                  Felt cosmetic bag with faux leather trim (LE)

                                                  Leopard Luxe

                                                  Wild By Nature- Mid-tone Camel- Matte- (LE)
                                                  Style Predator- Frosted mid-tone Yellow Orange- Veluxe Pearl- (LE)
                                                  Notoriety- Dirty Brown with Gold Pearl- Velvet- (Re-promote- LE)
                                                  Furiously Fabulous- Frosted Warm Black- Veluxe Pearl- (LE)

                                                  Lithe- Frosted Warm Nude with Gold Pearl- Frost- (LE)
                                                  Old Gold- High-Frosted Tarnished Gold- Frost- (Permanent)

                                                  Superslick Liquid Eye Liner
                                                  Pure Show- Bright Yellow-Gold Pearl (Permanent)
                                                  Marked for Glamour- Mid-tone Grey with Soft Pearl (Permanent)
                                                  On the Hunt- True Black (Permanent)

                                                  Out Minxed- Light Yellow Gold- Glaze- (LE)
                                                  Drive Me Wild- Mid-tone Warm Coral with Gold Pearl- Cremesheen- (LE)
                                                  Powerful- Mid-tone Bronze with Dazzle Multipearl- Dazzle- (LE)
                                                  The Prowl- Creamy Dark Chocolate- Lustre- (LE)

                                                  A Quiet Roar- Pale White Gold (LE)
                                                  Schemer- Mid-tone Yellow Camel with Red and Gold Pearl (LE)
                                                  Wildly Refined- Mid-tone Coral with Gold Pearl (LE)

                                                  Cremestick Liner
                                                  Soft tan

                                                  Mineralize Blush
                                                  Utterly Game- Warm Peach with Soft Pearl- Frost- (LE)

                                                  Leopard Luxe Cosmetic Bag
                                                  Felt cosmetic bag with faux leather trim (LE)

                                                  That's all ladies! Let the countdown begin!!

                                                  For stock photos & swatches of all the products in this collection I suggest taking a look at Temptalia .

                                                  Of course, I will post swatches of the products that I buy in my upcoming Fabulous Feline Haul and Swatches post.



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                                                  Saturday, July 10, 2010

                                                  My Top 15 Favorite Blushes & MSF's OF ALL TIME!!

                                                  Hi! I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I'm having a blast getting together my favorite blush post for ya'll. Blush is my absolute favorite makeup item, and I'm a total blush whore! I just love 'em. I've only been into MAC for about 2 years now and have 8 MSFs, 42 blushes, and 1 on the way (Happy Together MB). I know I need to stop the insanity, but I love them and enjoy just about everyone of them. What can I say I like variety in my life! Well, when it comes to makeup, not men. LOL. Hey, if I wasn't happily married a variety of men would be fine too! Ok, BOT- I have plundered through all of my lovely blushes to give you my favorites. These are my personal favorites for my NC30 skin tone. Some are great for that youthful pop of color and some are a more natural shade. All of them are beautiful! I know that 15 favorites seem like a lot, but it's the best I could do. I didn't want to leave some out. My collection consists of a mix of regular line and LE products, so of course some of my favorites are LE and long gone off the MAC site. For that, I am sorry. But do check out your local CCO. I have found quite a few gems there, and some are on this list. I did the list according to my most favorite first. Here goes!

                                                  Click the swatches to see larger pic...

                                                  #1- Marine Life (To The Beach)
                                                  If I could only own one blush for the rest of my life this would be it! I know that MAC is always coming out with something better and better with every collection, but it will take one damn crazy amazing product to top ML for me. It just gives me the most absolutely gorgeous vibrant peachy/coral glow to my skin. I swear it makes my skin look at least 3 yrs. younger when I wear it. Especially now that the gold over-spray is gone I don't have to worry about it accentuating any pores. The gold over-spray is the ONLY thing about this blush I don't care for, it looks so over the top on the skin, but that was easy to fix. I took my #150 brush and wiped it away with 3 good swipes, gone. Marine Life is going for anywhere from $35-$60USD on e-bay. That's disgusting!! Really MAC is to blame for that since they are releasing such a limited supply on all of the most sought after LE products. Smart asses and their marketing strategies! I swear I'm going to stop buying from you one day... just not today. :P By the way here's my dupe: Mix Instant Chic and Hipness! I promise, you can't tell the difference!

                                                  #2- Petticoat MSF (Lingerie, Sheer Minerals, In The Groove)- 
                                                  Get it NOW!!! Don't hesitate on this MSF! Petticoat is a shade that is wearable for everyone! I'm NC30, my best friend is NC50, and it shows as a beautiful blush on both of us. I have to use a duo fiber brush or a light hand to apply this blush as would ladies who are lighter than me, but my goodness it is absolutely gorgeous! On my skin tone Petticoat shows up as a warm ripe gilded raspberry. Aside from the color and finish of this MSF, I love Petticoat b/c it is more pigmented than most other MSFs. Therefore, it doesn't take as much product to get gorgeous cheeks. More bang for your buck.

                                                   #3- Sweetness Beauty Powder Blush (Beauty Powder Blush '08) or Tippy Beauty Powder Blush (Hello Kitty) (Dollymix is a close regular line alternative)
                                                  There is a reason why MAC has released so many blushes of this shade. It is the same reason why you can buy the same shade from just about every cosmetic company known to man/lady. It sells! Really this is another one of those versatile shades that everyone can wear and look hot. It's easily an everyday kind of shade and wouldn't be over the top for the office and would be great on a night out with the ladies. Sweetness and Tippy look exactly the same on the cheeks and in the pan. In the pan they are a bright hot pink. On the cheeks they give a dolly pink glow to the skin. Reminds me of an "innocent school girl look". :)

                                                  #4- Band of Roses Mineralize Blush (In The Groove)-
                                                  Finally MAC listens!!!! They finally give me a mineralize blush with a very subtle sheen instead of those freaking glitter bombs from Color Craft. I was fixing to give up on buying any new mineralize blushes, and then I got back In The Groove. Yay, MAC! You piss me off so much, but I love you for this! I know I'm so silly sometimes. :P Back to Band of Roses- At first glance the two shades in BoR may seem like something you have seen before. But, once you swirl the shades together you will quickly see that it's a beauty all on it's own. Band of Roses is highly pigmented pinkish raspberry shade that leaves you with sweet dolly cheeks.
                                                  Take note, BoR is highly pigmented. I have to use this with a very light hand and buff it out or it looks like somebody slapped the hell out of me. The high pigmentation is also why this blush would look great on dark skin-tones as well.

                                                  #5- New Vibe (In The Groove)-
                                                  If you have and love Intenso from the Grand Duo collection this one is not a necessity. If you liked Intenso, but were turned off by so much shimmer, get this one. I have both of course, but I'm going to sell/swap my Intenso now. The shades are sooo close it's not even noticeable on the cheeks. Both give a vibrant rosy bronze glow to the cheeks. New Vibe is slightly more pigmented, but once you apply and blend you can't tell the difference in the shade. But, you can definitely tell the difference in the amount of shimmer that stays on your cheeks. New Vibes shimmer is not nearly as intense as Intenso's. One other thing that they have in common is that both of these blushes' pigmentation is off the charts. Although, I think that Intenso maybe slightly less pigmented than New Vibe they are both highly pigmented. I have to apply each of them with a duo fiber brush and buff with a kabuki after. I do think that this blush is suitable for all skin-tones as well, but it maybe a slight pain in the butt for the fair to apply. Although, I think the extra effort would be worth it.

                                                  #6- Warmed Mineralize Skinfinish (N-Collection)-
                                                  Warmed is the most beautiful true bronzer that I've even seen. It really doesn't get the love that it deserves. It's one of the most gorgeous MSF's ever! I know that it is technically a bronzer, but it deserves it's place on this list. If this were strictly a bronzer list, it would be my #1 choice. On me Warmed appears as a natural golden bronze with a golden glow. Warmed is not glittery or shimmery, just a slight sheen. Warmed would be gorgeous as a bronzer on anyone who is about NW/NC45 or below. I think that this would make the most gorgeous highlighter for darker tones and would also recommend getting it for a highlight. The texture of this MSF is lovely as well. Buttery soft.

                                                  #7- Light Flush Mineralize Skinfinish (N-Collection) (These were re-released in the Pinkzapopin' '09 Holiday Sets)
                                                  I got it at CCO about 5 months ago, and they have them there again!! I saw them last Friday (7/2) when I did a MAJOR haul there. Light Flush is more of a my cheeks but way better blush on me. It's a very natural golden peachy shade with golden shimmer on me. This would be beautiful for fair ladies as well. If your over NC40 I'd say skip it for a blush, but it would be gorgie for a highlight.

                                                  #8- Spaced Out Sheertone Shimmer Blush (Neo Sci Fi)
                                                  This is the most unique looking blush on the cheeks that I have in my collection, which makes it very special. At first glance, in the pan Spaced Out looks like any other warm peach toned blush, but after you swatch it you quickly see it's like nothing you've ever seen before. It has this amazing pink pearl duo chrome finish. Which means when you apply it to your cheeks it's total glam, not at all a glitter bomb, just frosting on the cake. Yum ladies! These swatches really don't capture the pink frosting duo chrome finish, but it is amazing.

                                                  #9- Hipness Powder Blush (Frost) (Fafi & To The Beach)
                                                  Hipness is the most beautiful bright coral pink on me. Hipness would look fantastic on just about everyone. It is pigmented enough for even the darkest of skin-tones to love. My fair ladies will need a duo fiber or light hand with this one. It is similar to my beloved Marine Life, but not exactly the same. Hipness was said to be more chalky in texture in the To The Beach collection rather than in it's original release with Fafi. That is not true. They are the exact same texture. So, if you think one is too chalky the other will be as well. I do find Hipness to be one of the more chalkier blushes of my collection. But, the chalkiness does not effect my application at all. It blends well into my skin, leaving no streaks. So, I forgive the texture. The color is just that amazing.

                                                  #10- Merrily Mineralize Blush (Sonic Chic)
                                                  This was the first MAC blush I ever owned. I swapped for this one on MUA a long time ago. This is a product that was hyped over and, surprisingly the hype was well deserved. Merrily is a highly pigmented, bright red with a slight orangy undertone and leaves a slight golden sheen. It gives me that "I just came in from the winter cold" kind of glow to my cheeks. It's absolutely beautiful. I wear Merrily in the fall and winter months mostly only because I feel that it would give a sunburned look for the summer. That's just not cute. This blush can be worn by the darkest of the dark and the lightest of the light. The trick to this one is, of course, your application and buff the hell out of it. Gorgie!

                                                  #11- Naunce Mineralize Blush (Sonic Chic)
                                                  Au Naturale. I don't know if I spelled that correctly, but you get it. I whined over Nuance for literally years. I refused to pay e-bay prices for this blush. Finally an amazing friend on Specktra sold this to me for $20 USD! What a great deal! It was worth waiting for! Nuance gives me a natural warm light peachy tan flush with a slight golden sheen. This blush would look amazing on lighter complexions as well, but any darker than NC35 and it becomes a highlight. This is one of those blushes that goes with any eye look. Nuance and a neutral eye give you that everyday natural look. Nuance and a dramatic smokey eye = Hot Momma!

                                                  #12- Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre (Spring Color Forecast)
                                                  Are you surprised this doesn't say Ripe Peach? LOL. Seriously, I didn't even buy Ripe peach! My collection already has so many peachy blushes that I passed on it. Do I regret it? Nope. Instead I purchased Azalea Blossom which is the one with bright pink with the gradual increase of lavendar. Lots of people are saying that is simular to Hang Loose (In The Groove). Ehhh maybe, but I think that Azalea Blossom is brighter and a bit darker, but that's just me. It may also depend on the way you swatch them since they are both duo shades?? Anyway, AB gives that you a glowy pink cheek look. It looks a bit more natural and less bright than Sweetness or Tippy. I think the lavendar tones it down a bit. I think that NC/NW15- NC/NW45 would love this shade, but on shades any darker it may come off kind of ashy looking. However, if you are darker and interested in this one, I would swatch it to make sure.

                                                  #13-  Instant Chic Sheertone Blush (Prete a Papier)
                                                  Instant Chic is a beautiful peachy coral-ishious blush. However, it is a Sheertone Blush which means there is no shimmer at all. In the summer months I lean toward a little more shimmer than ever. So, for now I usually pair this one with another blush/highlight that has a little shimmer. I think in the fall/winter when I don't do as much shimmer on the cheeks IC will definitely move up on my list. I love to pair it with my beloved Light Flush or Hipness for summer. Hot Momma! Many say that IC and Melba are identical. Nope. I own both, and though they're similar, they are definitely not identical. Melba is peachy were as IC is pinkish. Do I think you need both? Nope. Instant Chic is the better blush in my opinion, but if you can't get it Melba is great. Add a little bit of rosey pink blush to Melba on the cheeks and, Voa La!  Instant Chic is on the lighter side so this one would not be suitable for darker skin tones. Same for Melba. I'd say up to NC/NW40 otherwise it will be ashy looking.

                                                  #14- Margin Powder Blush (Frost) (Regular Line)
                                                  This is everyone's shade of blush. It's so versatile. When I purchased this I also got one for my best friend who is NC45/50, and it looks amazing on her as well. It gives my NC30 tone a gorgeous golden peach glow.  I purchased it about 9 months ago and it's always a go to favorite of mine.

                                                  #15- Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish (In The Groove)
                                                  Stereo Rose has the beautiful metallicy not glittery finish that I love for the summer, but the shade leaves more to be desired. It's more of a natural bronzed peachy coral. Almost to natural for my taste. Don't get me wrong it looks pretty on my cheeks, but I love the pop of color that I get from others. It definitely did not live up to all the hype that has surrounded it for years. I can't believe that I even considered paying $75 USD for it. Gosh, am I glad I didn't. I would have been so pissed. It's pretty, but definitely not $75 worth of pretty. That shit better apply it's self to my cheeks for that price! I usually pair this MSF with other shades I love to achieve a really gorgeous shade. I would imagine this would look ravishing on my lighter toned ladies, say NC/NW15 to NC/NW25. I would not recommend this as a blush for anyone who is darker than NC/NW40, any darker and it would suit as a highlighter. Everyone, swatch this before you get it. Don't give into the hype and buy it b/c everyone says you, "need it". Make sure you really love it for the actual product rather than the hype.

                                                  Ya'll, I know there is a obvious similarity in my list. I know that the vast majority of my favorites are LE. I'm really sorry for that, but keep in mind that these are my favorites from my collection of blushes THAT I ALREADY OWN. What I mean by that is do not feel like you need to rush over to e-bay and pay their ridiculous prices for these blushes, just because I say they are pretty. In my opinion, there is no blush made by any cosmetic company in the world that is worth more than $35 USD. Further more there's no MSF that MAC ever made worth more than $50 bucks. If you can get your hands on these for a reasonable price, it's worth it. If not, keep in mind that MAC released  30+ collections last year, and with each upcoming collection something bigger and better always comes out. There is a BIG difference when you pay slightly above retail for a gorgeous blush that looks fabulous on your cheeks. Rather than buying into a bunch of bull shit hype, over paying for a product, and getting a blush that would look better on your fair/darker friend. MAC and e-bay sellers have made billions off of that bull shit hype! Hell, I paid $35 USD for Parrot e/s! I've learned better and would never do that again. Parrot is not even one of my favorite e/s! Go figure. Bullshit Hype!

                                                  Well, ya'll that's it for my rambling and beautiful blushes. I hope you enjoyed my blushes as much as I do. You know... I know several ladies who don't use blush and think that it is not important to their makeup look. I'm not one of those ladies! LOL. I love my blush and I think it brings your entire look together and completes the face. I would rather wear clear gloss or chap-stick on my lips than to go without blush! LOL ;) However, I am slightly obsessed with it. As always, leave me your comments and questions below. Tell me what you think about blush. Is it an obsession of yours as well??? Do you think it's necessary or not? What do you think of my blush list?? TTYL :)
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