Friday, June 4, 2010

MAC Paint Pots Swatches & Reviews

I love these things! I bought Construtivist, Moss Scape, and Rollickin' from my CCO for $11.75 each. The Rubenesque I bought from a lovely Specktrette for about $10. Coral Crepe and Indianwood I bought at MAC for $16.50 each. So, keep your eye out for these at your CCO for a nice discount on them.

I use these Paint Pots as an all over lid color, base, and primer all in one. When I use these as a base I do not use a primer under them. I just blend the heck out of them, and I do not ever experience any creasing. My lids tend to be on the dryer side so that helps to keep the creasing down. Others with oilier lids may want to apply a little Urban Decay Primer Potion, Too Faced Shadow Insurance, or L'oreal's De-Crease for a cheaper alternative. When you use use a Paint Pot as a base under your eyeshadow it brings out the color of your eyeshadow making the shade appear more intense. The PP also gives your eyeshadow something to stick to and helps it last much longer than normally.

I also love to use these as a quick "get my butt out the door" wash of color. Most of the shades I have with the exception of Coral Crepe and Rollickin' have a nice shimmer to them. The ones with shimmer give a gorgeous "made up" look with just a couple swipes of the brush.You can also add to the intensity of your wash of color by building up the PP on the lid. You need to just add more product and blend until you achieve the right intensity for you. Just a word of caution...the more of this product you apply to your lid, the more likely it is to crease. When I use these as a wash of color I always use a separate primer before I apply my Paint Pot.

BTW- For those of you who are wondering. I do prefer MAC's Paint Pots over their Shade Sticks. I find that the Shade Sticks dry out extremely fast.

Enjoy the swatches! If you have any questions just leave them in the comment box. I love to hear from ya'll!


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