Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fabulous Feline Collection- Fall 2010

US Release: 8/26/10
International: 9/10/10

Ladies! Get ready this is one huge collection full of what I would call very wearable shades. It has my bank account screaming for mercy. The Fabulous Felines collection contain 3 different parts of gorgeous products ranging from eyeshadow quads, liquid eyeliners, pigments, lipsticks, lip glasses, lip liners, mineralize blushes, and cosmetic bags. This is what I call something for everyone! To make it easier to keep track, I'm going to break this down into the different parts for you....

Burmese Beauty

Quad- $36.00 US/ $43.00 CAD
Prized- Pale Yellow Beige- Satin (LE)
Skintone 2- Dirty Gold- Frost (Re-promote- LE)
Burmese Beauty- Frosted Brown Green- Lustre (LE)
Showstopper- Deep Blackened Brown- Matte (Re-promote- LE)

Pigments- $19.50 US/ $23.50 CAD
Gold Stroke- Highly Frosted Tarnished Gold- Frost (Re-promote- LE)
Antique Green- Turquoise Green with Green Pearl- Frost (Re-promote- LE)

Superslick Liquid Eye Liners- $17.50 US/ $21.00 CAD
Desires & Devices- Sparkling Dark Green (Permanent)
Defiantly Feline- Chocolate Brown with Soft Pearl (Permanent)
Treat Me Nice- Emerald Green with Soft Pearl (Permanent)

Lipstick- $14.50 US/ $17.50 CAD
Pet Me Please- Frosted Light Dirty Mauve- Frost (LE)
To Pamper- Creamy Mid-Tone Taupe- Lustre (LE)
Liquid Lurex- Light Yellow with Green Dazzle Multipearl- Dazzle (Re-promote- LE)
Kittenish- Deep Red Berry- Cremesheen (LE)

Lipglass- $14.50 US/ $17.50 CAD
Spree- Pink Champagned Taupe (LE)
Jealous- Light Dirty Green with Pearl (LE)
Fancy Cat- Dark Dirty Brown with Pearl (LE)

Cremestick Liner- $14.50/ $17.50 CAD
Velvetella- Blackened Plum

Mineralize Blush- $21.00 US/ $25.00 CAD
The Soft Meow- Mid-tone Golden Bronze with Soft Pearl- Frost- (LE)

Burmese Beauty Cosmetic Bag- $25.00 US/ $30.00 CAD
Felt Cosmetic Bag with Faux Leather Trim- (LE)
Palace Pedigreed

Courtly- Frosted Muted Light Pink Beige- Satin- (LE)
Palace Pedigreed- Deep Berry with Dark Soft Pink Pearl- Satin- (LE)
Quite Spoiled- Mid-tone Neutral Mauve- Satin- (LE)
Russian Blue- Deep Neutral Grey- Matte- (LE)

Mauvement- Cool Taupe with Gold Pearl- Frost- (Re-promote- LE)
Bloodline- Dark Dirty Browned Purple- Frost- (LE)

Superslick Liquid Eye Liner
Nocturnal- Bright Silver pearl (Permanent)
Smokey Heir- Dark Blue Violet with Soft Pearl (Permanent)
Signature Blue- Dark Navy with Soft Pearl (Permanent)

Superior- Sheer Lavender Pink with Dazzle Pink Pearl (Dazzle)
Of Royalty- Light Creamy Blue Pink- Cremesheen- (LE)
Aristo-Cat- Mid-tone Frosted Purple Mauve- Frost- (LE)
Cunning- Dark Berry (Frost- LE)

Docile- Dirty Lavender with Pearl- (LE)
Best of Breed- Light Dirty Blue with Pearl (LE)
Lap of Luxury- Dark Eggplant with Pearl (LE)

Cremestick Liner
Beurre- Dirty Plum

Mineralize Blush
Pet Me- Light Yellow Pink with Soft Pearl (LE)

Palace Pedigreed Cosmetic Bag
Felt cosmetic bag with faux leather trim (LE)

Leopard Luxe

Wild By Nature- Mid-tone Camel- Matte- (LE)
Style Predator- Frosted mid-tone Yellow Orange- Veluxe Pearl- (LE)
Notoriety- Dirty Brown with Gold Pearl- Velvet- (Re-promote- LE)
Furiously Fabulous- Frosted Warm Black- Veluxe Pearl- (LE)

Lithe- Frosted Warm Nude with Gold Pearl- Frost- (LE)
Old Gold- High-Frosted Tarnished Gold- Frost- (Permanent)

Superslick Liquid Eye Liner
Pure Show- Bright Yellow-Gold Pearl (Permanent)
Marked for Glamour- Mid-tone Grey with Soft Pearl (Permanent)
On the Hunt- True Black (Permanent)

Out Minxed- Light Yellow Gold- Glaze- (LE)
Drive Me Wild- Mid-tone Warm Coral with Gold Pearl- Cremesheen- (LE)
Powerful- Mid-tone Bronze with Dazzle Multipearl- Dazzle- (LE)
The Prowl- Creamy Dark Chocolate- Lustre- (LE)

A Quiet Roar- Pale White Gold (LE)
Schemer- Mid-tone Yellow Camel with Red and Gold Pearl (LE)
Wildly Refined- Mid-tone Coral with Gold Pearl (LE)

Cremestick Liner
Soft tan

Mineralize Blush
Utterly Game- Warm Peach with Soft Pearl- Frost- (LE)

Leopard Luxe Cosmetic Bag
Felt cosmetic bag with faux leather trim (LE)

That's all ladies! Let the countdown begin!!

For stock photos & swatches of all the products in this collection I suggest taking a look at Temptalia .

Of course, I will post swatches of the products that I buy in my upcoming Fabulous Feline Haul and Swatches post.



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