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My Top 15 Favorite Blushes & MSF's OF ALL TIME!!

Hi! I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I'm having a blast getting together my favorite blush post for ya'll. Blush is my absolute favorite makeup item, and I'm a total blush whore! I just love 'em. I've only been into MAC for about 2 years now and have 8 MSFs, 42 blushes, and 1 on the way (Happy Together MB). I know I need to stop the insanity, but I love them and enjoy just about everyone of them. What can I say I like variety in my life! Well, when it comes to makeup, not men. LOL. Hey, if I wasn't happily married a variety of men would be fine too! Ok, BOT- I have plundered through all of my lovely blushes to give you my favorites. These are my personal favorites for my NC30 skin tone. Some are great for that youthful pop of color and some are a more natural shade. All of them are beautiful! I know that 15 favorites seem like a lot, but it's the best I could do. I didn't want to leave some out. My collection consists of a mix of regular line and LE products, so of course some of my favorites are LE and long gone off the MAC site. For that, I am sorry. But do check out your local CCO. I have found quite a few gems there, and some are on this list. I did the list according to my most favorite first. Here goes!

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#1- Marine Life (To The Beach)
If I could only own one blush for the rest of my life this would be it! I know that MAC is always coming out with something better and better with every collection, but it will take one damn crazy amazing product to top ML for me. It just gives me the most absolutely gorgeous vibrant peachy/coral glow to my skin. I swear it makes my skin look at least 3 yrs. younger when I wear it. Especially now that the gold over-spray is gone I don't have to worry about it accentuating any pores. The gold over-spray is the ONLY thing about this blush I don't care for, it looks so over the top on the skin, but that was easy to fix. I took my #150 brush and wiped it away with 3 good swipes, gone. Marine Life is going for anywhere from $35-$60USD on e-bay. That's disgusting!! Really MAC is to blame for that since they are releasing such a limited supply on all of the most sought after LE products. Smart asses and their marketing strategies! I swear I'm going to stop buying from you one day... just not today. :P By the way here's my dupe: Mix Instant Chic and Hipness! I promise, you can't tell the difference!

#2- Petticoat MSF (Lingerie, Sheer Minerals, In The Groove)- 
Get it NOW!!! Don't hesitate on this MSF! Petticoat is a shade that is wearable for everyone! I'm NC30, my best friend is NC50, and it shows as a beautiful blush on both of us. I have to use a duo fiber brush or a light hand to apply this blush as would ladies who are lighter than me, but my goodness it is absolutely gorgeous! On my skin tone Petticoat shows up as a warm ripe gilded raspberry. Aside from the color and finish of this MSF, I love Petticoat b/c it is more pigmented than most other MSFs. Therefore, it doesn't take as much product to get gorgeous cheeks. More bang for your buck.

 #3- Sweetness Beauty Powder Blush (Beauty Powder Blush '08) or Tippy Beauty Powder Blush (Hello Kitty) (Dollymix is a close regular line alternative)
There is a reason why MAC has released so many blushes of this shade. It is the same reason why you can buy the same shade from just about every cosmetic company known to man/lady. It sells! Really this is another one of those versatile shades that everyone can wear and look hot. It's easily an everyday kind of shade and wouldn't be over the top for the office and would be great on a night out with the ladies. Sweetness and Tippy look exactly the same on the cheeks and in the pan. In the pan they are a bright hot pink. On the cheeks they give a dolly pink glow to the skin. Reminds me of an "innocent school girl look". :)

#4- Band of Roses Mineralize Blush (In The Groove)-
Finally MAC listens!!!! They finally give me a mineralize blush with a very subtle sheen instead of those freaking glitter bombs from Color Craft. I was fixing to give up on buying any new mineralize blushes, and then I got back In The Groove. Yay, MAC! You piss me off so much, but I love you for this! I know I'm so silly sometimes. :P Back to Band of Roses- At first glance the two shades in BoR may seem like something you have seen before. But, once you swirl the shades together you will quickly see that it's a beauty all on it's own. Band of Roses is highly pigmented pinkish raspberry shade that leaves you with sweet dolly cheeks.
Take note, BoR is highly pigmented. I have to use this with a very light hand and buff it out or it looks like somebody slapped the hell out of me. The high pigmentation is also why this blush would look great on dark skin-tones as well.

#5- New Vibe (In The Groove)-
If you have and love Intenso from the Grand Duo collection this one is not a necessity. If you liked Intenso, but were turned off by so much shimmer, get this one. I have both of course, but I'm going to sell/swap my Intenso now. The shades are sooo close it's not even noticeable on the cheeks. Both give a vibrant rosy bronze glow to the cheeks. New Vibe is slightly more pigmented, but once you apply and blend you can't tell the difference in the shade. But, you can definitely tell the difference in the amount of shimmer that stays on your cheeks. New Vibes shimmer is not nearly as intense as Intenso's. One other thing that they have in common is that both of these blushes' pigmentation is off the charts. Although, I think that Intenso maybe slightly less pigmented than New Vibe they are both highly pigmented. I have to apply each of them with a duo fiber brush and buff with a kabuki after. I do think that this blush is suitable for all skin-tones as well, but it maybe a slight pain in the butt for the fair to apply. Although, I think the extra effort would be worth it.

#6- Warmed Mineralize Skinfinish (N-Collection)-
Warmed is the most beautiful true bronzer that I've even seen. It really doesn't get the love that it deserves. It's one of the most gorgeous MSF's ever! I know that it is technically a bronzer, but it deserves it's place on this list. If this were strictly a bronzer list, it would be my #1 choice. On me Warmed appears as a natural golden bronze with a golden glow. Warmed is not glittery or shimmery, just a slight sheen. Warmed would be gorgeous as a bronzer on anyone who is about NW/NC45 or below. I think that this would make the most gorgeous highlighter for darker tones and would also recommend getting it for a highlight. The texture of this MSF is lovely as well. Buttery soft.

#7- Light Flush Mineralize Skinfinish (N-Collection) (These were re-released in the Pinkzapopin' '09 Holiday Sets)
I got it at CCO about 5 months ago, and they have them there again!! I saw them last Friday (7/2) when I did a MAJOR haul there. Light Flush is more of a my cheeks but way better blush on me. It's a very natural golden peachy shade with golden shimmer on me. This would be beautiful for fair ladies as well. If your over NC40 I'd say skip it for a blush, but it would be gorgie for a highlight.

#8- Spaced Out Sheertone Shimmer Blush (Neo Sci Fi)
This is the most unique looking blush on the cheeks that I have in my collection, which makes it very special. At first glance, in the pan Spaced Out looks like any other warm peach toned blush, but after you swatch it you quickly see it's like nothing you've ever seen before. It has this amazing pink pearl duo chrome finish. Which means when you apply it to your cheeks it's total glam, not at all a glitter bomb, just frosting on the cake. Yum ladies! These swatches really don't capture the pink frosting duo chrome finish, but it is amazing.

#9- Hipness Powder Blush (Frost) (Fafi & To The Beach)
Hipness is the most beautiful bright coral pink on me. Hipness would look fantastic on just about everyone. It is pigmented enough for even the darkest of skin-tones to love. My fair ladies will need a duo fiber or light hand with this one. It is similar to my beloved Marine Life, but not exactly the same. Hipness was said to be more chalky in texture in the To The Beach collection rather than in it's original release with Fafi. That is not true. They are the exact same texture. So, if you think one is too chalky the other will be as well. I do find Hipness to be one of the more chalkier blushes of my collection. But, the chalkiness does not effect my application at all. It blends well into my skin, leaving no streaks. So, I forgive the texture. The color is just that amazing.

#10- Merrily Mineralize Blush (Sonic Chic)
This was the first MAC blush I ever owned. I swapped for this one on MUA a long time ago. This is a product that was hyped over and, surprisingly the hype was well deserved. Merrily is a highly pigmented, bright red with a slight orangy undertone and leaves a slight golden sheen. It gives me that "I just came in from the winter cold" kind of glow to my cheeks. It's absolutely beautiful. I wear Merrily in the fall and winter months mostly only because I feel that it would give a sunburned look for the summer. That's just not cute. This blush can be worn by the darkest of the dark and the lightest of the light. The trick to this one is, of course, your application and buff the hell out of it. Gorgie!

#11- Naunce Mineralize Blush (Sonic Chic)
Au Naturale. I don't know if I spelled that correctly, but you get it. I whined over Nuance for literally years. I refused to pay e-bay prices for this blush. Finally an amazing friend on Specktra sold this to me for $20 USD! What a great deal! It was worth waiting for! Nuance gives me a natural warm light peachy tan flush with a slight golden sheen. This blush would look amazing on lighter complexions as well, but any darker than NC35 and it becomes a highlight. This is one of those blushes that goes with any eye look. Nuance and a neutral eye give you that everyday natural look. Nuance and a dramatic smokey eye = Hot Momma!

#12- Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre (Spring Color Forecast)
Are you surprised this doesn't say Ripe Peach? LOL. Seriously, I didn't even buy Ripe peach! My collection already has so many peachy blushes that I passed on it. Do I regret it? Nope. Instead I purchased Azalea Blossom which is the one with bright pink with the gradual increase of lavendar. Lots of people are saying that is simular to Hang Loose (In The Groove). Ehhh maybe, but I think that Azalea Blossom is brighter and a bit darker, but that's just me. It may also depend on the way you swatch them since they are both duo shades?? Anyway, AB gives that you a glowy pink cheek look. It looks a bit more natural and less bright than Sweetness or Tippy. I think the lavendar tones it down a bit. I think that NC/NW15- NC/NW45 would love this shade, but on shades any darker it may come off kind of ashy looking. However, if you are darker and interested in this one, I would swatch it to make sure.

#13-  Instant Chic Sheertone Blush (Prete a Papier)
Instant Chic is a beautiful peachy coral-ishious blush. However, it is a Sheertone Blush which means there is no shimmer at all. In the summer months I lean toward a little more shimmer than ever. So, for now I usually pair this one with another blush/highlight that has a little shimmer. I think in the fall/winter when I don't do as much shimmer on the cheeks IC will definitely move up on my list. I love to pair it with my beloved Light Flush or Hipness for summer. Hot Momma! Many say that IC and Melba are identical. Nope. I own both, and though they're similar, they are definitely not identical. Melba is peachy were as IC is pinkish. Do I think you need both? Nope. Instant Chic is the better blush in my opinion, but if you can't get it Melba is great. Add a little bit of rosey pink blush to Melba on the cheeks and, Voa La!  Instant Chic is on the lighter side so this one would not be suitable for darker skin tones. Same for Melba. I'd say up to NC/NW40 otherwise it will be ashy looking.

#14- Margin Powder Blush (Frost) (Regular Line)
This is everyone's shade of blush. It's so versatile. When I purchased this I also got one for my best friend who is NC45/50, and it looks amazing on her as well. It gives my NC30 tone a gorgeous golden peach glow.  I purchased it about 9 months ago and it's always a go to favorite of mine.

#15- Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish (In The Groove)
Stereo Rose has the beautiful metallicy not glittery finish that I love for the summer, but the shade leaves more to be desired. It's more of a natural bronzed peachy coral. Almost to natural for my taste. Don't get me wrong it looks pretty on my cheeks, but I love the pop of color that I get from others. It definitely did not live up to all the hype that has surrounded it for years. I can't believe that I even considered paying $75 USD for it. Gosh, am I glad I didn't. I would have been so pissed. It's pretty, but definitely not $75 worth of pretty. That shit better apply it's self to my cheeks for that price! I usually pair this MSF with other shades I love to achieve a really gorgeous shade. I would imagine this would look ravishing on my lighter toned ladies, say NC/NW15 to NC/NW25. I would not recommend this as a blush for anyone who is darker than NC/NW40, any darker and it would suit as a highlighter. Everyone, swatch this before you get it. Don't give into the hype and buy it b/c everyone says you, "need it". Make sure you really love it for the actual product rather than the hype.

Ya'll, I know there is a obvious similarity in my list. I know that the vast majority of my favorites are LE. I'm really sorry for that, but keep in mind that these are my favorites from my collection of blushes THAT I ALREADY OWN. What I mean by that is do not feel like you need to rush over to e-bay and pay their ridiculous prices for these blushes, just because I say they are pretty. In my opinion, there is no blush made by any cosmetic company in the world that is worth more than $35 USD. Further more there's no MSF that MAC ever made worth more than $50 bucks. If you can get your hands on these for a reasonable price, it's worth it. If not, keep in mind that MAC released  30+ collections last year, and with each upcoming collection something bigger and better always comes out. There is a BIG difference when you pay slightly above retail for a gorgeous blush that looks fabulous on your cheeks. Rather than buying into a bunch of bull shit hype, over paying for a product, and getting a blush that would look better on your fair/darker friend. MAC and e-bay sellers have made billions off of that bull shit hype! Hell, I paid $35 USD for Parrot e/s! I've learned better and would never do that again. Parrot is not even one of my favorite e/s! Go figure. Bullshit Hype!

Well, ya'll that's it for my rambling and beautiful blushes. I hope you enjoyed my blushes as much as I do. You know... I know several ladies who don't use blush and think that it is not important to their makeup look. I'm not one of those ladies! LOL. I love my blush and I think it brings your entire look together and completes the face. I would rather wear clear gloss or chap-stick on my lips than to go without blush! LOL ;) However, I am slightly obsessed with it. As always, leave me your comments and questions below. Tell me what you think about blush. Is it an obsession of yours as well??? Do you think it's necessary or not? What do you think of my blush list?? TTYL :)
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Friday, July 9, 2010

In The Groove- My Haul, Stereo Rose Story, and My Advice

My In The Groove Haul:
Stereo Rose MSF
New Vibe Mineralize Blush
Band of Roses Mineralize Blush

I hope that everyone had good luck getting their hands on Stereo Rose MSF. I'm lucky enough to have wonderful SA's at my MAC counter at Dillard's, so my Stereo Rose was securely waiting for me when I got there this morning, but I know some of you were not as lucky, and I'm so sorry. Let me just say this, it's not as bad as you think if you missed out. Don't get me wrong SR is pretty, but not nearly as pretty as what the hype makes it seem like. For real, when you go to your MAC store swatch Stereo Rose, Petticoat, New Vibe Mineralize Blush, and any others blushes that catch your eye on your arm for a good side by side comparison. I promise Stereo Rose will pale in comparison, and you will leave the store with something beautiful for you, instead of something people have over hyped, and made you think you'll cry if you don't get it.

For those of you didn't get it, dry your eyes, get off your ass, and go get Petticoat MSF it's gorgeous! I happen to like it more than the illusive Stereo Rose. I got mine during the last release and love it, and reach for it often. I have other blushes that are much more pretty than SR, and do way more for my NC25-30 complexion. I tend to lean toward slightly more pigmented shades and just apply with a duo fiber brush (187, 188, or 131). I just love the glow that the brighter shades give. Stereo Rose is not as pigmented as I would have liked it to been. It definitely shows up, but I would have loved it more if it would've been more Coral-ish. I don't know it's hard to explain, but it's more of a natural coral than an OMG look she's wearing Stereo Rose. If you know what I mean. :P

Also, don't forget check to out the Mineralize Blushes in this collection. Don't let SR cloud you vision these blushes are stunning and better than any of the other 12 MB that I own, with the exception of Nuance and Merrily. The In The Groove MBs are more of a Satiny finish with a very soft sheen instead of the shimmer we've seen in the Grand Duos and the glitter we got in Color Craft ones. I have personal favorites from the In The Groove ones, but really I don't see where you could go wrong with these as long as you love the shade.

I had every intention in getting a few of the Mineralize Eyeshadows from this collection as well, but when I got the news that we can not Back2Mac for the trios I said, "hell no". I wanted to get Calm, Cool, and Collected, Blue My Mind, and In The Groove. I'll be waiting for these to hit my CCO to get them. They always end up coming there anyways. You should see all the MES duos there. Damn, you know if the ones from Style Black made it to the CCO these are sure to come. For those of you who don't have a CCO or just can't wait that long, all of these trios are very nice with the same Satiny finish as the blushes. Even the blue shades in the Blue My Mind trio and the green shades in the Calm, Cool, and Collected trio are very wearable tones. Any of them would be nice to add to your collection.

In my opinion, the best things to have from this collection is Petticoat MSF and New Vibe Mineralized Blush. I love Band of Roses Mineralized Blush as well, and is another one to consider. I'll tell everyone what I have to remind myself all the time...Don't let other people be in total control over your decisions. Take what they have to say into consideration, but in the end make the choice that is best for you and what you want. This goes for everything in life, makeup too!! :) Please comment, I love to hear from ya'll!
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