Monday, May 3, 2010

Sigma SS197 Review & Comparision- Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Order this brush now! I'm so serious. This brush has quickly became HG for me. It has beat out all of my other foundation brushes hands down. The only brush that I think might would give it a run for it's money is the MAC180. I really can't even say that for sure, just because I don't have it. Besides the MAC180 is discontinued and there is no telling how much you would have to pay for it if you are lucky enough to find one. Really, just go get this one.

I think that I mentioned in the "back in stock" post that the SS197 is a synthetic hair brush. I must retract that. The SS197 is an all natural hair brush, which is the reason why I would compare the hairs to the MAC180. The hairs on the SS197 are very soft, but dense, so the brush easily holds the shape and allows you to swirl away when applying your foundation. I have been using mine with liquid foundations only. I have not tried to use it for any cream or powder products, and I probably won't just for the simple fact that I already have brushes for those, and I really am only looking to use it for liquid foundation. It's wonderful for that, but I would imagine would also be great for say a powder mineral foundation. I'm not so sure about the creams just because it has natural hairs, but who knows till you try it.

The ferrule of the SS197 is bigger around that the ferrules on the MAC187, 188 and 130. The hairs are also denser than these. Not saying that these MAC brushes are not as good as the SS197 at all. These brushes are just made for a different application. The MAC187, 188, and 130 are made of a mix of natural and synthetic hairs intended for stippling and the SS197 is made of all natural hairs intended for us swirlier. Making the SS197 at totally different brush. The only reason why I am comparing them is just to give you an idea of the size. Now I do prefer the swirl method over the stipple method. Just because it is a quicker application with flawless results. It also seems to me that even if you layer your foundation to archive a full coverage look, with this brush it looks less cakey than when you stipple your foundation. Maybe it's just me?

Last comparison I promise...If you could imagine a fatter, fuller, waaaay softer, natural haired Sonia Kashuk flat top brush you would have the SS197. I have to elaborate on the difference in the softness. The SK flat top brush is sooo damn scratchy. It took me 4 times to deep condition this brush before it was comfortable on my face. Finally, I could use it and the results were pretty good. I just found that since the brush is a little skinny (not as full) that it makes the brush little flimsy and gives a slightly streaky, uneven application. It's just too wiggly, I would say.

Honestly ladies, I am super satisfied with all of my Sigma brushes the SS197 is  just one more great one to add to my list.

I will be posting the comparison pics of the SS197 the MAC187, 188, and the SK Flat Top tomorrow. I don't have the MAC130 or MAC180 so unfortunately I won't be posting those. Sorry. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask in the comment box. I loved to talk to y'all. : )


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