Thursday, May 20, 2010

MAC To The Beach Collection- Release Date: 5/27/10

For great swatches of this upcoming collection take a look at Karla Sugar's blog here:
To The Beach Part 1 
To The Beach Part 2
Again, I am not affiliated with her or her blog. I just think she takes the most amazingly accurate swatches.Thank you, Karla Sugar!

This morning I called my dear sweet Debbie (manager) at my MAC store in Dillard's and pre-orderd my To The Beach items.

♥ 3 Marine Life Highlight Powders
I order 2 for myself and one for a friend. I am loving the design that is embossed on the powder the gold shimmer maybe a little to shiny for my liking, but no big deal because it is an over spray and will be gone in just a couple of uses. I will say this as well, if you have Hipness from the Fafi Collection you do not have to get this, as they are kinda similar. MLHP maybe slightly more pigmented from what I hear, but I'll let you know what I think about it when I get my order. I already have Hipness from Fafi, but my love of it gives me good reason to get MLHP as well.

As well as Sweet & Punchy eyeshadow. Everyone says that the Sweet & Punchy is so simular to Rated R eyeshadow that if you already have Rated R to skip Sweet & Punchy. I totally agree they are so similar I can't tell the difference in the swatches. Fortunately, for me I will be able to score Sweet & Punchy since I missed out on Rated R.

♥ Firecracker Eyeshadow
I'm on a kick for beautiful shades of orange eyeshadows, and this one is right up my alley. Now, if I could only get my hands on Firespot eyeshadow, which was released ages ago I would be all set. Doubt I'll ever find it though. This one is not similar to Hot Hot Hot eyeshadow, if you are wondering about that.

♥ Sun Rush Lustre Drops.
I know $18.50 for this little bottle seems pretty steep, and it is, MAC really needs to stop raising their prices. But, really this is the most amazing stuff ever. I scored the Pink Rebel Lustre Drops from the first release (Style Warrior Collection) from a nice lady on Specktra. I am totally in love with this stuff, it gives the most glamorous summer, J Lo glow that I have ever gotten from any product like it. Beautiful, just beautiful. I would skip something on my list to get this.

To anyone who plans to get their Marine Life Powder from the Dillard's counter in the Lakeside Mall in NO. Pre-order it now! When I called Debbie told me that MAC had only sent her 6 of them. I ordered 3, so there's only 3 left!!

I will be posting swatches and reviews of each of the items that I will be getting, so keep a look out for that. I will try to get them on here on the release date so that you can take a look asap.


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