Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure- Yellow Kitty- Rating:♥♥♥

This is a gorgeous bright, creamy muted yellow polish. It reminds me of a Banana Cream Popsicle, perfect for a hot summer day. The formulation of these polishes are pretty good. I've had the polish on for 3 days now and there is no chipping. It took 2 coats of polish to get it completely opaque. Though I added a 3rd just for good measure. There where a few things that turned me off about the whole SH Complete Solon Manicure line. The brush totally sucks. Literally, the brush seems to soak up all the polish and no matter how much polish you think is on the brush it's not. This makes for an uneven application. The shape of the brush is another turn off. I think that SH was trying to knock off OPI's brush design, but failed miserably. I don't really care for the large brush design from OPI or SH because I have relatively small nails and I am quite shaky, so the big style brushes don't leave me any "wiggle room". However, I can still handle and achieve a neat mani/pedi with the OPI brush if I am careful. SH tried to be innovative with her brush and did this senseless tapering design on the tip of the brush. I don't quite understand what the point was in tapering the brush. However, I do know that it makes it almost impossible to create a clean edge at the nail bed. One more thing is the price. I paid $7.50USD for this polish at CVS, which is a ridiculous price for a drugstore polish. I could have bought an OPI or Essie polish for this price. So, it boils down to this...If you find the SH polishes BOGOF get the shades you love the most. When you get them home and are ready to do your mani/pedi do not use this brush. Buy a nail polish brush from your local beauty supply store (Sally's) or you can take the brush out of a polish you already have and clean it well with nail polish remover and use that one to apply the SH CSM polishes with. I know that this seems like a lot of BS to have to deal with to use these polishes with good results, but in the case of Yellow Kitty this shade is totally worth it. Yellow Kitty is such a beautifully fun and unique shade. I also purchased two more gorgeous shades of SH CSM polishes. I have Fairy Teal (creamy greyed, teal blue) and Guilty Pleasure (shimmering bronzed gold), so check back for those reviews and swatches.
Love the color!
Hate the brush!

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