Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sally Hansen Complete Manicure Polish- Guilty Pleasure- Rating: ♥♥♥♥

This polish didn't receive 5 hearts only because of the expensive price for a drugstore polish ($7.50), and of course for the horrible brush that all of the SH Complete Manicure polishes have. If you don't mind the brush or the high price these are perfect. I use a nail polish brush that I bought from Sally's, and next time I buy any of these I will wait until there is a buy one get one free sale.

This is a gorgeous metallic/shimmery (not glittery) shade of antique gold. I was kind of afraid to purchase this one because usually a metallic shade always leaves noticeable brush strokes. So, for those of you who are weary about purchasing these for that reason, have no fear. This polish gives a great finish with very few (if any) noticeable brush strokes. The formula is neither to thick or thin. It last me for 4 days.  I'm sure would last most a little longer probably 4-6 days. If you are looking for a good gold polish that you can easily pick up from your local drugstore that is not too bright/yellow gold take a look for this one. Love it!


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