Sunday, December 5, 2010

What the hell is MAC thinking???

The word on the beautiful side of the street is that MAC's new policy now states that their employees are no longer allowed to share inside information with the public about MAC collections before the collection releases.  From what I hear, if a MAC employee is caught doing this they can be terminated! So, this means no more upcoming collection names, product list, or swatches. This was confirmed for me yesterday when I called the MAC consumer care line to inquire about when and if the 15 pro pan palettes would be changed to the same style as the quads, with clear lids. When I told the lady that I had heard that the palettes where rumored to be changed, she snottily asked me, "Where exactly did you hear this information from?" I calmly responded in my most sweet, southern mannerly voice, "Excuse me Mame, but I thought I was supposed to be the one asking the questions while you are the one who was supposed to do the answering." She quickly respond with a snappy little attitude, "Yes, Mame I do not have any information about this, we have not been given any updates at this time." Which I happen to know is a lie, because on November 31, 2010 there was a product meeting held. At the meeting she would have been told about the upcoming products that will be released. But, whatever.

Also, if you take a look on the traffic really seems like it has slowed down a bit. I'm not sure if this is because of the new layout and differences in the way you now have to navigate the sight, but it truly seems as though there is less posting taken place there, and much less information being posted. With the Cham Pale collection releasing in only 20 more days there would already be numerous swatches posted of all or most of the products. There are very few swatches of this collection available ANYWHERE, not just on If you are able to find any swatches most of them are of the items that are being re-promoted. Also, usually there is information on at least the next 2 or 3 upcoming collections. The newest collection information is for the Mickey Contractor collection which releases in January.

MAC must have had a brain fart or something. I guess they don't realize that releasing early information brings in big profits for them. Think of it like this...Your average chick down the street is not a MAC addict and could care less about upcoming MAC collections. She also probably doesn't spend that much money on MAC cosmetics. We beauty bloggers, Makeupalley members, Specktra members, makeup artist, and closet makeup hoers are the ones shelling out hundreds of dollars on each collection, and we are the ones waiting on pins and needles for the next collection to come out so we can do it again. We are the ones who want to hear all the newest information, so that we can plan out our massive MAC wish lists. We are also the ones who are bring in the majority of the big bucks to MAC every year! All I can say is what in the hell are they thinking??? I guess they weren't thinking about this at all, but in this economy they really should be.

By MAC allowing all of us beauty bloggers to know about upcoming collections early we we're sending out free advisement and hyping up their products to millions around the world from our home computers or mobile phones. Helping to sell out their products very quickly, and helping to bring in costumers that normally would have just walked right passed the MAC counter. Not only that, with MAC shiting out a new collection every other week, it seems. The early information gave all of us MAC addicts time to cough up a couple hundred dollars to spend on each collection. I know that sounds crazy, but I'm not joking. I have one of the smallest MAC collections of any of the MAC addicts I know, and I have spent over $5,000.00 on MAC products alone in the past 2 years. If you think that's bad you should see my best friends brush collection alone. MAC should be kissing our asses and give us exactly what we want...for the right price of course. Instead it seems as though they think we should be kissing their ass. If you need proof of that, take a walk into the MAC freestanding store in Baton Rouge, LA the SA's there act like they are doing you a favor to answer your questions, help you find a product, or to even take your money. Needless, to say I don't shop there anymore.

This new kick in the teeth makes me not want to purchase MAC anymore. They have raised prices, decreased the size of several of their products, and now this whole no info rule. It's just a total let down. However, I know that my addiction is way to strong to say that I would never buy their products again. I wouldn't dare say I am on a MAC no buy, but I can promise you one thing. No more stalking LE for me!! I will stop in to replenish items from the regular line, and if a new collection happens to be out and item catches my eye, great I will pick it up. But no more $200 collection wish lists or purchases for me. I can promise you I won't be standing in front of the MAC store in Metarie, LA anymore just waiting for the doors to open, so that I can score the latest bag of hype. My MAC budget just went on a diet and my savings account just got fatter.

Then again, Make Up For Ever has some great products I've had my eye on. : D I guess I said that like a true makeup hoer. LOL.

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lilpil on December 5, 2010 at 11:32 PM said...

I so agree with you Tiffany, which iggit got hired in the marketing department that made up this new policy? They should go back to marketing 101 - it will kill the hype and anticipation.

Watch their sales drop and soon enough they will come crawling back to consumers soon enough.

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