Monday, February 21, 2011

Wet n' Wild Comfort Zone 8 Color Palette- Review, Dupes & Swatches

Ladies, I am absolutely blown away with this palette. I cannot believe that I purchased such high quality eye shadows from Walgreen’s for $5. Every single eye shadow in this palette has the most highly pigmented color pay off with a buttery soft texture. The color that you see in the pan is exactly what you see when you apply it on your eyes. The soft texture makes blending effortless. This palette truly amazes me. It makes me wonder why more expensive brands are lacking this type of quality while their eye shadows cost 3 times as much, or more.

The Comfort Zone Palette contains 4 warm neutral tones on the left side, varying from a warm cream to a bronzed black. The 1st shade on the left is a frosted golden cream shade. The 2nd shade on the left is a frosted medium toned warm golden bronze. The 3rd shade on the left is a medium frosted bronzed brown shade. The 4th shade on the left is black with bronze shimmer. The first 3 shades on the left remind me of a MAC Veluxe Pearl texture and MAC Frost finish. The 4th shade on the left reminds me of a MAC Veluxe Pearl texture with a MAC Style Black (Cinderfella, Guilt by Association, Blue Flame, & Young Punk) type finish, but with better color payoff and less glitter fallout.

Then on the right side you have 3 various warm shades that coordinate with the beautiful medium toned frosted sage green shade. The 1st shade on the right is a medium toned frosted taupe with brown undertones. The 2nd shade on the right is a medium toned frosted sage green. The 3rd shade on the right is a black with gold shimmer. The 4th shade on the right is a warm medium brown with green duo chrome. The 1st, 2nd, and 4th shades on the right remind me of a MAC Veluxe Pearl texture and a MAC Frost finish. The 3rd shade on the right reminds me of a MAC Veluxe Pearl texture, but with MAC’s Guilt by Association finish, but softer texture and a more pigmented black.


Now on to the dupes…Some of these shades are exact dupes for some MAC shades. However, not all of them are exactly the same variation of the shade, but I promise once you apply it and finish your eye look no one will be able to tell the difference.

Left Side- Top to Bottom
#1- MAC Dazzlelight
#2- MAC Woodwinked
#3- MAC Go!
#4- There wasn’t a bronze shade in the MAC Style Black collection, but this would have been it.

Right Side- Top to Bottom
#5- Patina with a slightly more frosty finish
#6- Juxt with a more vibrant golden green finish
#7- Guilt by Association
#8- Club

Now that I have bragged and bragged about this palette until you probably can't stand it anymore. Let me tell you the single thing about this palette that is slightly disappointing me. There are no matte shades in this palette. This palette is not totally inclusive of all the shades I would need for travel. I feel the exact same way about the Naked Palette by Urban Decay. With both of these palettes, I would still need a matte highlight shade and a matte dark brown or black for my crease and outer V. However, I do realize not everyone likes to do their makeup exactly like I do mine. So, if you you love a totally shimmery eye look or your like me, and don't mind packing an extra single quad for your matte shades the Comfort Zone palette is still a great drugstore find for travel. 

Just a note for you, if you decide to purchase the Comfort Zone palette as well as the I’m Getting Sunburned Trio you will have two of the same single eye shadow colors. The 4th shade on the left of the Comfort Zone palette is the same shade as the 2nd shade in the I’m Getting Sunburned Trio.


socialitedreams on April 4, 2011 at 11:25 PM said...

i really need to find that palette, great colors

Shay on July 24, 2011 at 11:46 PM said...

Thanks for the list of dupes.

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