Monday, February 7, 2011

OMG! Did you see Mila Kunis' Cover on Cosmo!! Gorgie! Tutorial

As always, I am absolutely in love with Mila Kunis' makeup from the cover of Cosmo for the month of February. I am not a regular subscriber of Cosmo, but when I saw it on the shelf I was in awe. I snatch the mag up so fast it would make your head spin. lol. As soon as I got it home I started playing around with my make up so that I could recreate the look. I think I've got a pretty good version to share with you. All products are MAC unless stated otherwise. Color descriptions are in the first set of parenthesis and the dupes for the Coastal Scents Warm Palette are in the second set of parenthesis. Here is what I came up with...

      226- Apply Restless into crease using windshield wiper motions while keeping your eyes open. Start  from the outer crease and apply all the way into the inner crease.
(warm brownish/gray) (Coastal Scents Warm Plt.:Row Down/ 10  Row Over- from L to R)

·           239- Apply Grain all over the inner ½ of the lid, up to the Restless.
(warm, light, slightly pinked, natural beige) (C. S. W. Plt.:Row Down/                   
 9  Row Over)

·       239- Apply Satin Taupe on outer ½ of the lid, up to the Restless. Wiggle the brush in side to side motions on top of the line of separation of the 2 shades to blend the colors together a bit.
(warm, slightly plumish, taupe/brown) (C. S. W. Plt.:  6  Row Down/   
 9  Row Over)

·       219- Apply Carbon on the outer V. Starting at the Lower Lash Line (LLL), and bring the color up slightly over lapping the Restless slightly in the crease, 1/4 of the way into crease only. This should create a slight cat eye effect.
(matte black) (C. S. W. Plt.:  7  Row Down/  11  Row Over)

·       217- Apply Soft Brown above Restless on top of the socket bone. The Soft Brown should slightly touch the Restless and Carbon only to blend out any harsh lines left behind from the Carbon and Restless.
(light natural warm brown) (C. S. W. Plt.:  3  Row Down/  7  Row Over)

·       275- Apply Shroom under brows as a highlight. Blend Shroom out all the way down to the Soft Brown. You may use any highlight shade you like, but the shade should not be too matte or too frosty. I would definitely choose a satin shade for this look. (C. S. W. Plt.:Row Down/  5  Row Over)

·       219- Apply Nylon on the Lower Inner Tear Duct area. Any light shimmery shade will do. (C. S. W. Plt.:   3  Row Down/  4  Row Over)

        266- Apply Wet n’ Wild Black Gel Eyeliner on Upper Lash Line (ULL) start at the inner tear duct and create a thicker line than you usually would wear, add a slight wing at the corners.

·      266- Apply Wet n’ Wild Black Gel Eyeliner on Lower Water Line (LWL) going all the way into the inner tear duct area.

·      266- Apply Carbon on the LLL from the outside corner of the lashes up to the point where the lashes stop. Blend the Carbon into the lash line, so that you cannot see any flesh between the black on the water line between the Carbon on the LLL. (C. S. W. Plt.:  7  Row Down/ 11  Row Over)

·      219- Apply Swiss Chocolate on the LLL slightly over lapping the Carbon from the outside corner of the lashes all the way into the inner tear duct area.  
(C. S. W. Plt.:Row Down/  10  Row Over)

·       1 coat of MAC Zoom Lash and 2 coats of L’oreal Voluminous. A set of very natural looking lashes would look great. A set of corner lashes would look even better.

·       Apply foundation- I used NARS Sheer Glow and the Sigma F80/Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki to apply mine.

·       Apply concealer- I used a Sigma’s version of the 224 and Benefit’s Erase-A-Paste Concealer in light.

·       Apply a matte bronzer under cheek bones as a contour. Also, bronze the temple & jaw line a bit as well, using the “3 application technique”. This is to start at the jaw line and swoop your brush up in a half circle motion up to the temple. Then repeat at the jaw line and swoop your brush down in a half circle motion down on the jaw line. I used my Mark Bronzer.

·       Apply Peaches Blush only to the cheek bones. For this look you will need to leave the apples bare. The center parts of the face and under the eyes need to be very naturally light looking. Any warm peach blush will do.

·       Apply a nude lip liner

·       Apply a peachy nude lipstick. I used Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Spotlight Beige.

 I always suggest applying your foundation after you do your eye when using darker shades. This way the fall out doesn't ruin the look of your foundation.

 I hope you enjoyed it, and will play around with it. I plan on wearing this look tomorrow for a special outing with my hubby. We will be celebrating our Valentine's Day tomorrow instead of on the 14th because he will be out of town working then.



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