Monday, April 19, 2010

Tiffany's Daily Skin Regimen- How To

I have hormonal acne prone skin, that tends to be mostly on the slightly dry side, and is sensitive to any changes I make in skincare or foundation. I have to be very careful with my routine, any change in my products will make my skin freak out causing acne, dryness, or oilyness on my nose and/or in between my eye brows. I'm also in my late 20's, so treatment and prevention go hand in hand as far as skincare is concerned. I treat my acne and skin discolorations. I have a few slight discolored spots on my cheeks from sun exposure in my late teen years, trying to be a bronzed goddess. Very dumb of me, but your clueless about these things when your young. I try to prevent acne, more discoloration, wrinkles, and dryness. I am a total drugstore gal when it comes to skincare. There are great products you can find for a good price at the drugstore instead of spending big bucks on department store products that work just the same. You just have to know what to get. I have been using this skin regimen for the past 9 months with great success and a soft, clear face. I know that we all have different skin types, but even if your skin type is totally different than mine this regimen could work for you by just adjusting a bit to fit what your skin needs. If you're oily slack up on some of the moisturizers I use or don't use any at all. You may have to play around with it a bit to get the perfect regimen for you. For me, this is the best. To see my full review for each of these products just click the names. So here we go...

Every Morning: (Mon.-Sun. am.)
Step 1: AcneFree Oil-Free Purifying Cleanser with 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide (Acne Treatment Cleanser)
Step 2: AcneFree Renewing Toner Skin Balancing Formula (Acne Treatment/Toner) or my homemade Rose Water Witch Hazle & Aspirin Toner

Step 3: Eucerin Sensitive Skin Everday Protection Face Lotion SPF 30 (SPF Moisturizer)

I start off cleansing my face with the AcneFree Cleanser using my face brush in a circular motion. I rinse the cleanser off, pat dry. Then, I apply the AcneFree Toner to my fingers and  pat it all over my face, kind of like a guy uses aftershave. After, I fallow by applying the Eucerin SPF moisturizer by dotting tiny dots all over my face and gently rubbing in. I allow that to fully soak in. Make sure you rub this moisturizer in very well because it contains a sunscreen and it will leave a yucky white cast on your face. Then I apply my foundation.

Every Night: (Mon.-Sun. pm.)
Step 1: Johnson & Johnson's Baby Oil Gel (Eye Makeup Remover)
Step 2: Almay Oil-Free Makeup Remover Toilettes (Makeup Remover)
Step 3: AcneFree Oil-Free Purifying Cleanser with 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide(Acne Treatment Cleanser) (skip Thurs. pm)
Step 4: AcneFree Repair Lotion Time Released Benzoyl Peroxide (Cream Acne Treatment)
Step 5: Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Tone Correcting Serum Night (Discoloration Treatment)
Step 6: Eucerin Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Sensitive Skin Creme (Moisturizer/ Wrinkle Prevention)

First, like everyone else I stark by taking off my makeup. I apply a fragrance free baby oil gel to my eye lids and rub it in a bit to loosen my eyeliner and mascara. Then, I use the Almay Toilette and  finish removing the residue on my eyes and the makeup on my face. After that, I cleanse my face with the AcneFree just like I do in the morning. Then, I fallow by applying a thin layer of the AcneFree Repair Lotion to my forehead and my temples. I use my hands to apply the thin layer and I do not rub it in. I just let it soak in on its own. Next, I apply the Neutrogena Tone Correcting Serum to my undereye area and along my cheek bones. I don't rub this in much either. I let it do it's own thing. After everything has  soaked in a bit I apply the Eucerin Q10 by dotting it on the bottom 1/3 of my face, starting with my nose down to my chin and message it in until all of it has absorbed in my skin.

Every Other Night: (Mon., Wed., Fri. pm)
Step 3: Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power Clear Scrub
I add the Neutrogena Oil-Free Scrub to the beginning of my nightly regimen, after I have taken off my makeup. Then, I just fallow my same nightly routine as I normally would. For the scrub, I start with a damp face then I apply the scrub and message it in circular motions with my fingers just to get it evened out all over my face. Then, I come back with my face brush and really give it a good scrubbing.

Once a Week at Night: (Thursday pm.)
Step 3: Homemade Honey and Asprin Mask (click here for my Asprin Mask Recipes)
Once a week I use my homemade Honey and Asprin mask instead of the AcneFree cleanser. I use it on a night that I will not be using the Neutrogena Oil-Free Scrub. This mask is great and helps along with the rest of the AcneFree System to keep my skin blemish free.
I know this is the longest freaking post ever, but I hope that it is full of useful info that you can use to help keep you face looking like you are 22 yrs. old or at the least out of the acne stage. If you have any questions or would like to share how you keep your skin as clean as a whistle please comment. I love to hear from you. :)


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