Thursday, April 15, 2010

China Glaze- Purple Panic (neon) Rating: ♥♥♥

Let's start with the things I love about this polish....The Color!! It is the most vivid, hot fuchsia pink with a slight reflect of a purple undertone. Perfect for a hot, flirty summer nail. I just wish the formula for this polish was as knock-out as the shade is. Aw man, this stuff was a pain in the butt to get right. Purple Panic is a neon shade and neon shades are notorious for having a dull/flat/matte looking finish. This one is not an exception to the rule. That is the easy part to deal with though. You just need to add your most glossy top coat to the top and vahla, just that easy. Hum I wish, this polish also had some major drying issues. The first time I applied this polish I applied 1 medium coat and 3 min. later fallowed up with a 2nd medium coat, 3 minutes after the 2nd coat I added my Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Top coat. I ended up with a gloppy mess that never dried. So, I started over...1 very thin coat of polish, 5 minutes to dry, 2nd thin coat of polish, 5 min. to dry, 3rd thin coat of polish, 5 min. to dry, then Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Top Coat. It was quite time consuming. I must say that the final result was gorgeous. A beautiful mani with a brush stroke no where insight. So, yeah I'll be keeping it and using it again this summer, but I will have to use this one when I have the time to spend on the application. I will also keep my neon polish collection down to Purple Panic and Turn Up The Turquoise (another CG neon) and that is it. These two shades were just to pretty to pass up and since I only have two I should be able to find the time to apply them.


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