Thursday, April 15, 2010

NYX Runway Collection- Versus 10 Color Palette: Rating ♥♥♥♥1/2

Top Row: This is a great palette to have in your collection. I love these to travel with, compact and no fuss. The top row is full of creamy, taupey brown tones with a shimmery shade of black. The first shade is a creamy beige tone that has a finish/texture that is simular to the MAC matte2 shades. The second, is a mid-tone camel brown with a satin finish. Third, my favorite, we have a frosty shade of light creamy brown tinged taupe. Fourth, we have a frosty grey/brown taupe with a buttery soft finish that is comparable to a veluxe pearl, and is very simular to MAC's Smoke & Diamonds. Last, is the dark charcoal black with silver pearl shimmer. The texture of this shade is slighly more chalky than the others, but is still nice for the price.

MAC DUPES (L to R): Shade 1: Blanc Type- Shade 2: Era- Shade 3: Dazzlelight- Shade 4: Smoke & Diamonds- Shade 5: Black Tied with a slightly chalky texture.

Bottom Row: On the bottom row we have some softer shades of purple with a slight pink base.The first shade is a deep plumed purple with a soft texture and a satin finish. Second, is what I would call a medium toned spring purple with a velvet finish. This shade is slightly chalkier in texture than most of the shades. Third, is a blue based pink with pink pearl that has a very soft texture and a veluxe finish. Forth, is a pale lilic with a velvet finish and a slightly chalky texture. Last is a creamy/white shade with a frost finish and a buttery soft texture.

MAC DUPES (L to R): Shade 1: Fig. 1 with a soft satin finish- Shade 2: Purple Haze with a velvet finish and chalky texture- Shade 3: Swish with a soft veluxe finish- Shade 4: ??? pale chalkish lilic- Shade 5: Nylon with a finish and texture that screams veluxe pearl.


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