Friday, February 26, 2010

NYX Carribean Collection- I Dream Of Jamaica 5 Color Palette- Rating: ♥♥♥♥

First, I must say that this palette is very pretty and has classic shades that everyone needs. The texture of these shadows are as good as MAC Veluxe Pearl shades. As I found with all of the Caribbean Collection shades that I have. In this palette you get a frosty white highlight shade, a creamy beige highlight shade, a mid-tone taupey/brown, a deep taupey/brown, and a deep charcoal black. I feel like these shades are necessary for all sorts of eye looks. By combining these basic shades with more colorful ones you can create as many gorgeous eye looks as your mind can think of. Now that I've hyped you up about this palette. I have to say that if you already have or are interested in buying the NYX For Your Eyes Only Smokey Eyes palette, do not buy the Jamaica palette. I hate to discarge you from buying this great palette, but the shades on the top row of the Smokey Eyes palette are EXACTLY the same as the Jamaica palette. Therefore, I have to recommend getting the Smokey Eyes palette over the Jamaica palette. The only reason why I say this is because both of the palettes are $8.00 USD at cherryculture, and I feel like you get more bang for your buck by getting the Smokey Eye palette since you get 10 shades instead of 5 shades. Now, I know that lots of you out there are depot-ers as am I. That is why I'm glad I have both. I plan on depotting all of my Caribbean Collection eyeshadows and adding them to a Coastal Scents 15 pan palette. So, really the choice is up to you, but at least now you know what you're working with.


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