Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sigma Brushes- SS252 vs. MAC252- SS252 Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

I am so impressed with this brush. Sigma did a great job with this one. They took MAC's #252 design, and made it more user friendly. The brushes do not look identical, as you can see in the pics. MAC's #252 is more of a wider square shape. Sigma's #252 is slightly narrower and oval shaped. Both brushes are filbert cut at the tip, meaning that the fibers are cut at an angle to gradually come to a sharp line at the tip. Both brushes are also made from the same soft, orangy/brown natural fibers.

The SS252 being cut in a more narrow oval shape it makes brush fit the lid better. This makes it very easy to use your brush in a side to side motion to apply a simple wash of color to the lid, which I love. I think that this brush would also work well to apply your brow highlight shade. Since the brush is filbert cut it will give you a nice controlled line of color under the brow for a great highlight. Also, since the brush is narrower, slightly thinner, and is filbert cut you might want to use this as a quick way to apply your crease shade. It would definitely work if you were in a rush or just didn't have another brush to use for the crease. I didn't use it this way this morning. I just used it to do a quick wash of Goldmine over my Indianwood Paint Pot, and it worked wonderfully.

Now, the MAC252 is slightly wider and more square so it makes it a little difficult to use it in a side to side motion for the wash of color. The shape just doesn't fit my lid. The color ends up getting where it's not meant to be when I try to use it all over the lid. With this brush I prefer to hold the brush vertically, and use it to pat the color on the lid. Perfect for foiling pigments. This brush also works very well to apply a highlight shade to the brow bone.

I really love both of these brushes, and think if you possibly can afford both, you should get both. But, if I had to pick just one brush to have. I would choose the SS252. I know, WHAT! Did you pass out??? Yeah, I really would just for the simple fact that the SS252 is so versatile. You can do a wash of color, crease application, foiling, or a highlight with just this one brush. Because of the difference in the SS252's shape it makes it a better brush, in my opinion. If your interested in this one I'd say it is a must have.

Take a look a the pics and you can see what I mean...


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