Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sigma Brushes- SS226 vs. MAC226- SS226 Rating: ♥♥♥

I prefer the MAC226 over the SS226. Don't get me wrong the SS226 is nice, and is good brush to have. I just like the MAC one a little better. Even-though, I rather the MAC226 over the SS226 I would still recommend getting the SS226 if you could not find the MAC226 or if you just can't bring yourself to pay e-bay prices for the limited edition brush (I hear ya). The SS226 is a great alternative. It still gets the same job done. The MAC226 is a little more precisely cut, and is a little denser than the SS226. I used both brushes for application in the crease and mostly for detailed outer V work. When I do outer V work the precision cut on the MAC226 allows me to put the color exactly where I want it, instead of where the brush wants it to go. Also, the extra stiffness of the MAC226 makes it easier for me to apply my crease shade precisely. Works great if you like to cut in your crease. If not I would just blend it a bit after you use the MAC226.

I guess that would leave me to say, MAC's quality wins this one. However, the price of the SS226 may win you over if you check the prices of the MAC226 on evilbay.


bella on November 1, 2010 at 1:26 PM said...

great review! thanks! I caved and bought the 217 a while ago, but I think I have too small lids to be able to work it properly, so I'm thinking the 226 might do the job :)

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