Monday, March 1, 2010

Sigma Brushes- Introduction

Introduction 3/1/2010: I have been eying the Sigma Professional Brushes Complete Set ($69.00 USD) for quite a while now. I had decided that I would treat myself to this set for my upcoming birthday in March. Recently, while watching a makeup tutorial the guru mentioned a new Sigma brush set called the Sigma Makeup Professional Brushes Premium Kit ($149.00 USD). I had to know what it was all about. So, a few days ago my friend let me know that the new set was up on the Sigma site for sale. I rushed to go check them out. The great thing is you get totally different brushes with each set!
I am also interested in the SS #109 ($14.00 USD) and the new SS #197 ($16.00 USD) brushes that you can buy individually. I am thinking that the SS #197 brush maybe what I thought the MAC #130 brush was supposed to be. I was disappointed with the MAC #130. You can check out my review on here for that one.
So, now I will be treating myself to both of the sets, the SS #197, and the SS #109 for my birthday. I will receive them around the 10th. of March. I plan to use them for about two weeks and let you know what I think. I also will be comparing them to my MAC brushes that I already have.
I know that there is a lot of controversy about the Sigma brushes being over-rated and Sigma using MAC's number system, blah, blah, blah. Whatever. Really, I just think it's smart marketing skills on Sigma's end. If MAC didn't want this to happen they should have patented or trade marked their number system. Now, as far as the brushes being over-rated I will have to decide on the quality for myself. So many people who reviewed these brushes were given the brushes for free. I really don't think that they can be entirely truthful with us on the quality b/c of the business relationship that they have with the company. Then you have the severe MAC addicts that won't give anything a chance unless it says MAC.
Although, I am a total MAC addict I am not like that at all. If I find a great deal on a product and it works just as well as the MAC product but for half the price, I'm all over that! Depending on how the Sigma brushes perform, my MAC brush wishlist maybe significantly cut down. I love saving money, but the quality of the Sigma brushes have to be good for me to rave about them, and love them. We will see and I will let you know.

Update 3/3/10: I ordered both of the brush sets today. I spent $218 USD on both. Which, I think is one hell of a deal for 27 brushes. It ends up being about $8.07 USD for each brush. That's what I call a heck of a deal! The frickin' kick in the ass came when I had to pay $14 USD in shipping!!! You would think that they would offer free shipping with a hefty order like that. These damn things better be good!

Update 3/9/10: Well, the high ass shipping was fast, and I received my brushes today. My initial over view of the brushes is very good. They all seem well made and sturdy. You know, no loose ferrules or anything like that. All of the face brushes were extremely soft. I went ahead and gave the SS187 a good washing to see what it was going to do. My good friend who bought the travel set said that her travel size SS187 bled so badly that the white fibers turned a grayish shade. This was not the case with the one I got. It bled just slightly, not even enough to turn the water milky looking. You really couldn't even tell that it did. I was just paying very close attention, because I was worried about it. The very little color I did see did not stain the white fibers at all. So far I'm pleased with the brush, but I have not had a chance to actually use it.
Now, all this week I will be posting a review for each brush. I will compare the Sigma ones to the MAC ones that I already have. I will be doing a separate post for each Sigma bush I got. I really hope it will help you to make a good choice for yourself about the Sigma brushes. So, let the blending begin, and enjoy!


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