Friday, July 9, 2010

In The Groove- My Haul, Stereo Rose Story, and My Advice

My In The Groove Haul:
Stereo Rose MSF
New Vibe Mineralize Blush
Band of Roses Mineralize Blush

I hope that everyone had good luck getting their hands on Stereo Rose MSF. I'm lucky enough to have wonderful SA's at my MAC counter at Dillard's, so my Stereo Rose was securely waiting for me when I got there this morning, but I know some of you were not as lucky, and I'm so sorry. Let me just say this, it's not as bad as you think if you missed out. Don't get me wrong SR is pretty, but not nearly as pretty as what the hype makes it seem like. For real, when you go to your MAC store swatch Stereo Rose, Petticoat, New Vibe Mineralize Blush, and any others blushes that catch your eye on your arm for a good side by side comparison. I promise Stereo Rose will pale in comparison, and you will leave the store with something beautiful for you, instead of something people have over hyped, and made you think you'll cry if you don't get it.

For those of you didn't get it, dry your eyes, get off your ass, and go get Petticoat MSF it's gorgeous! I happen to like it more than the illusive Stereo Rose. I got mine during the last release and love it, and reach for it often. I have other blushes that are much more pretty than SR, and do way more for my NC25-30 complexion. I tend to lean toward slightly more pigmented shades and just apply with a duo fiber brush (187, 188, or 131). I just love the glow that the brighter shades give. Stereo Rose is not as pigmented as I would have liked it to been. It definitely shows up, but I would have loved it more if it would've been more Coral-ish. I don't know it's hard to explain, but it's more of a natural coral than an OMG look she's wearing Stereo Rose. If you know what I mean. :P

Also, don't forget check to out the Mineralize Blushes in this collection. Don't let SR cloud you vision these blushes are stunning and better than any of the other 12 MB that I own, with the exception of Nuance and Merrily. The In The Groove MBs are more of a Satiny finish with a very soft sheen instead of the shimmer we've seen in the Grand Duos and the glitter we got in Color Craft ones. I have personal favorites from the In The Groove ones, but really I don't see where you could go wrong with these as long as you love the shade.

I had every intention in getting a few of the Mineralize Eyeshadows from this collection as well, but when I got the news that we can not Back2Mac for the trios I said, "hell no". I wanted to get Calm, Cool, and Collected, Blue My Mind, and In The Groove. I'll be waiting for these to hit my CCO to get them. They always end up coming there anyways. You should see all the MES duos there. Damn, you know if the ones from Style Black made it to the CCO these are sure to come. For those of you who don't have a CCO or just can't wait that long, all of these trios are very nice with the same Satiny finish as the blushes. Even the blue shades in the Blue My Mind trio and the green shades in the Calm, Cool, and Collected trio are very wearable tones. Any of them would be nice to add to your collection.

In my opinion, the best things to have from this collection is Petticoat MSF and New Vibe Mineralized Blush. I love Band of Roses Mineralized Blush as well, and is another one to consider. I'll tell everyone what I have to remind myself all the time...Don't let other people be in total control over your decisions. Take what they have to say into consideration, but in the end make the choice that is best for you and what you want. This goes for everything in life, makeup too!! :) Please comment, I love to hear from ya'll!


Anonymous said...

hi. i am nc25-30. i bought petticoat, band of roses and new vibe. i found them to be prettier on my coloring rathen than stereo rose. you mentioned that you had other blushes that are far better than stereo rose. would you mind sharing what those are. i am always looking for blushes.

Lilpil on July 9, 2010 at 9:09 AM said...

Hi Tiff, would stereo rose be more suitable for my NC30-35 yellow tone skin or is it better for fairer ladies?

Tiffany Michelle on July 9, 2010 at 11:55 PM said...

Anonymous- I'm glad you love your Petticoat, Band of Roses and New Vibe! Actually, I like all of these better than Stereo Rose, but only because they are more vibrant. Stereo Rose is of course a totally different color as well. I'm going to work on 2 different post tonight and tomorrow of my top 5 peachy/coral blushes/MSF's & a separate one for my top 5 pink/rosy blushes/MSF's all will be MAC since that's all I own in the blush department. Come back and check that out tomorrow evening.

Tiffany Michelle on July 10, 2010 at 12:25 AM said...

Lilpil- Yes, Stereo Rose will look lovely on you. I'm NC30 and it looks very pretty on me. The fairer ladies would need a duo fiber brush for this one or a very light hand, but we med-tones ladies can grab our #168 or whatever regular blush brush you normally use for this one. I would say it would be a pretty blush on NC45-ish and below, it is very build-able, but I think if your skin tone is any darker it would probably be a nice highlighter. I would put it in the everyday wearable category. Like a natural bronzed coral.

Everyone, don't get me wrong if you have the opportunity to get Stereo Rose get it! But if you missed it don't fret, there are other gems out there!

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